Basics of Paneling

Many homes have applied wood paneling just to improve the looks of their house. This covers the walls, from study room, dining room, living room or the family room. Even your bed room can be paneled. There are different types of paneling according to the material used, or according to where it will be used (wall, floor, ceiling). You can always mix and match as desired, like a wood paneling on the ceiling, while having vinyl paneling on your floors.

Paneling is putting several small components side by side to produce a filled effect. There are many types of paneling. The most common materials used are bamboo, brick and vinyl paneling. These three are found mostly at homes.

Why do we panel? Most people panel to add warmth and elegance to their house. Not to mention that it is very affordable. Paneling has been the most attractive decoration for houses and offices. Sometimes, paneling symbolizes the wealth, status and excellent taste of the owner. It reflects the personality of the owner, depending on the design, material, and style applied.

Panels can also come in different colors. You can add color after applying such panel. It is best to attach the panel first before having it colored because it can result to a more appealing look.

Wallpaper paneling is one of the easiest. It is beautiful in a bedroom. It comes in thousands of different designs, and is easy to install. These are special types of paper with designs printed on them already. A special adhesive is used to stick this on the walls or ceilings. It will just take a few minutes to do this and it instantly transforms a room.

Wood paneling can be with the interlocking woods, any solid pieces of woods or other resembled wood. The wood panel sheets normally are very thin, of about ¼ to ¾ of an inch. They are from variety of hardwoods that have clear finish. There are also that are from less expensive woods which can be stained or even painted to be able to resemble a wood that is more expensive.

Wood paneling are sold as 4 x 8 foot sheet with either simulated wood surface or wood veneered. These can be attached to wall studs, drywall or any other surface.

Next to talk about is the raised panel style wainscoting. This is the finest and oldest style of wainscot that is available in the market. They are affordable decor that gives elegance and warmth. It was first introduced during the 17th century.

There is also raised paneling. It came from raised central panels that are beautifully crafted. They are surrounded by a fine crafted trim. Wainscot can be finished or painted depending on the wood quality and home design.

Raised panel is very popular for some reasons. It is traditionally steeped. They have been the best of all the best. They gave prominence to the house.

Ceiling panel is also well known. They act as suspended ceilings that are made from many materials. They have appearance that is used in interior decoration. It can be directly attached to the ceiling's underside. They provide decorative finish, sound and heat insulation. It is another simplest way to change the appearance of your room. Your ceiling can have improved appearance when you apply the ceiling panel.

These are just some of the things that will result if you apply paneling. You can add more decoration by just paneling. Try to apply paneling and you will see how beautiful your house can be. The simple panel that you choose, the simpler your house can be.