Bath Mixer Taps and How to Install Them

The bath mixer taps are really essential. You could switch over from bath to shower bath functioning by pulling out a plug that shuts off water supply to the tap and hives off them to the shower bath head. You could also adapt the temperature of water simply as you’d need for a bath.

Tools needed:

Adjustable spanner

Piping spanner

Teflon tape




Taking off older taps

Begin by switching off the water supply to the bathing tub. If there’s not any single turncock for this, switch off your water supply at the home mains. Let the taps to run till no longer water supply comes out.

Take away the face of the bathing tub therefore you could bump off the older taps for installing. Utilize the piping spanner to unscrew the nuts on the water passes over that go with the taps. Unscrew on both the cold and hot water piping. Then utilize the screwdriver to unscrew the calking all around the taps and gradually draw out the taps loose. Bump off them and set up them apart to throw away after.

Making clean

Ahead before you set up the bath mixer taps in situ, you ought to cleanse the bathing tub to take out any older calking and check the newfangled taps will sit down equally and flawlessly. At this point, put on the Teflon taping to the threads on the taps where they’ll conjoin the water pipes. These will chip in a stronger, more leak proof sealing.

With this exercised, put on a very lean beading of calk on the ground of the bath mixer taps ahead before you push it into position. Once again, this brings in the sealing leak-proof and forbids superfluous water supply from dropping down any open up cracks.

Tightening up

Begin tightening up all the nuts with hand onto the threads with the faucets. This makes a point that they are safe and secure on the threads and they will tighten up well easily with a spanner later on. Utilize your piping spanner to tighten up all the nuts till they are really strong. Do not over tighten up or you will peril disrobing the threads therefore you will not be capable to take away the tap if you ever prefer to supersede it.


You at present have the bath mixer taps in situ but you all the same want to add up the shower bath portion of the unit. You’ll require a shower bath head and maybe as well a stand that could be appended to the fence. A metallic hosepipe will chip off the shower bath, finishing in a nut.

This nut requires to be connected to the bath mixer taps. First of all, roll Teflon taping more or less around the threads on the faucet then hand constrains the nut onto this. Tighten up more with an adaptable wrench.

Release the water supply back active and check out for any leakages, comprising in the shower bath joining, before driving in the face of the bathing tub back in situ.