Bathroom Design Lighting – The Basics of Bathroom Lighting

Basically, bathroom design  lighting  should be considered with different kinds of options. There is practicability, safety, style and decoration. When considering practicability, what comes to mind are the cheap bulbs and shadowy figures we usually see on poor suspense or thriller films. But today, one can avail of energy-saving light bulbs which provide enough brightness to fill the whole bathroom. What’s more is that these bulbs, aside from being cheaper, may help you cut costs in your energy bill. A little bit of concern for our environment will do you a lot good.

As it is a design, bathroom design  lighting  also should feature various and creative designs for lights to play on in a room. Considering the purpose of the room, however, for hygiene and beautifying,  lighting  designs can play-up the room for a more pleasurable and easier way to clean up. For example, to have an easier way of beautifying yourself, putting make-up or shaving your face, bath lights may be installed in either side of the mirrors. They will soften up your features as well as avoid annoying shadows. Also, counter, mirror or sink bulbs may be installed depending upon the theme or style of your bathroom. But always remember that it is better to install a centralized  lighting  in your bathroom, limiting the bulbs in the bathroom therefore saving energy and costs of your electricity.

Water, moisture and air greatly affect the wear and tear of your bathroom lights. Bathroom design  lighting  is not only limited to designs and light fixtures but also guaranteeing safety in every bathroom. Light bulbs should be placed in areas wherein it should be untouched by water. If not, protective covering should be placed in order not to risk the safety of those who use the bathroom especially the young and old ones.

Of course, practicability and safety should not compromise style and decoration. As  lighting  can greatly affect the mood of a room, using the bathroom should be a pleasurable habit as well as a form of relaxation. Bathroom design  lighting  comes in different shapes and sizes which can also be energy-savers, too. Depending on the theme of your bathroom, there are many designs to choose from, whether sconce-shaped, sleek cylindrical small lamps, Victorian or romantic lamps or just basic fluorescent lights. Just make sure that it does not clash with the over-all design of the bathroom as well as compromise safety measures.