Bathroom Remodeling Is a True Pleasure

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? A modern bathroom is a true pleasure. It is one of the home improvements that will hold its value better than other home improvements when it comes time to sell your property.

If you are a do it yourselfer, a bathroom remodel can be a major project but can be done. Home improvement centers offer a wide variety of bathroom decors to choose from. If you do a total renovation, you will have to rip everything down to the studs. Removing the bathtub is a tough job; you may want to consider hiring some help to do this. The tub will have to be broken up with a sledgehammer or removed in one piece.

If your house is very old, you may have to replace the plumbing. This is another project that you may want to consider hiring a plumber. A professional plumber may cost more, but any job worth doing is worth doing right.

Modern bathrooms can have so many different styles. Tile floors and walls are extremely popular now. A snail shower with beveled glass looks magnificent in a modern bathroom. Your design is going to depend on your budget, size of the bathroom, personal preference and geographic location. It is possible to put a South Western design in a North Eastern home, but it may not work with the rest of the house. If your house is decorated in Colonial or Early American, stick with that theme. There are several types of sinks, fixtures, and showers that blend in nicely with this decor.

Here's a tip for small bathrooms. Consider taking out the bathtub and replacing it with a tiled shower. This saves space and opens up the room. Small vanities also open up the room. Nicely placed mirrors and towel racks give the illusion of more space.

Large bathrooms are very versatile and can be a really fun project. Try a raised Jacuzzi bathtub with tile. You may never leave the bathtub! Double sinks are very popular, no waiting in line to use the sink! Mirrors add design and visual space by making the room even bigger than it is. The possibilities are endless.You can do a small upgrade or a total remodel. Counter tops can be granite, tile or Corian. Sinks, tubs and toilets are usually porcelain.

This may not be a job you want to do yourself. Check out local area contractors for designs and styles that suit your taste and budget. Check out websites, home magazines, model home centers, design centers, large home stores for great ideas for your bathroom space. Once you really have a good idea of ​​how you want your bathroom to look, it's time to get a bathroom contractor out to see your house. The contractor may have even more cost effective ideas that will work for you.

Hopefully you have an extra bathroom to use during this process. The process will be messy for a few days will everything is being ripped up and put back together. Try to keep your sense of humor, and keep in mind the wonderful bathroom that will be in your life is a few days. Once your new bathroom is completed, it's time to decorate with new towels, fresh accessories and area rugs.

Your new bathroom may be the best looking room in your house! You may even want to have a bathroom party to celebrate. Your guests will be amazed by your efforts, and you will be so proud of your bathroom that you will not be able to stop showing it off!