Bathroom Wallpaper Borders: The Final Touch

For those of you who have a painted or wallpapered a bathroom, adding wallpaper borders could give your bathroom that finishing touch that it needs. Adding a border to your bathroom can pull the entire theme you have set together and add a distinctive touch to the room. There are a variety of ways that bathroom wallpaper borders can be used to create several different effects.

Adding a Border to the Top of Your Wall

If you have a small bathroom that is broken up by the bathroom furniture then adding a bathroom wallpaper border at the top of your wall can give the eye a more unbroken sweep of your bathroom. It tends to break up the monotony of bathrooms whose walls and ceilings are the same color and shade or close to it by forming a natural and attractive break from the two.

Adding Wallpaper Borders to the Ceiling Itself

If you have a low ceiling bathroom and add bathroom wallpaper borders to the ceiling itself, then you can create the feeling for a bathroom with added height. This is often helpful in homes where the bathrooms are smaller and have low ceilings as it gives a less claustrophobic feel to the entire room.

Adding Borders Half Way up the Wall

On large bathrooms whose walls are only broken by the shower or the tub shower combination adding a bathroom wallpaper border halfway up or a little more on the wall can provide an unbroken line and can make the bathroom seem a little larger than it actually is. This is a great way to give the illusion of more space in a bathroom with little actual floor space.

How Borders Can Add Just the Touch to Your Decor

Whether your bathroom decor has old country charm, a touch of the dramatic or a chic and sophisticated look, choosing the right wallpaper border for your bathroom can add just the right touch to give your bathroom that finished polished look you are looking for. Choosing your bathroom linens, a decorative wreath or a bit of art work that echoes or contrasts with your bathroom wallpaper border gives a wonderful atmosphere to the entire room.

There is a wide range of wallpaper borders to choose from many of which are designed with just the bathroom in mind. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just those borders, you can choose from a whole host of borders that are designed for any room in the house. You can choose from a number of themes such as seascapes, western, Asian and Victorian or choose a border that is sure to go with just about any theme at all.

If your bathroom walls are rather plain and neutral choosing a border with pictures or designs and a little color will add interest to your bathroom. If your bathroom wallpaper design is a little on the busy side then choosing a more neutral border will compliment the wallpaper quite well.

If you are undecided about two or more choices see about bringing a couple of samples of the borders home and see how they look against your bathroom wall itself. This will ensure that you like the bathroom wallpaper border you choose and it is one that you really want in your bathroom.