BCBGirls Ariel Peep Toe Pump

One of the hottest shoes in the BCBGirls pumps lineup is the Women’s Ariel Peep Toe Pump – but many women may “hem and haw” about the price tag. For women who are very much into the look of a “peep toe” they will very likely love this shoe – no matter what the price.

Style and Comfort: The BCBGirls Ariel pumps are famous for their long-lasting wear without pinching or binding feet and have a support that makes them much more comfortable than many other pumps for women. A number of women are reporting that they wear them all day, sometimes standing for long periods of time without their feet feeling sore. However, if you are a woman who has constant trouble with high heel shoes, this might not be the case.

The Looks: The Ariel pump has a squared “peep” in the toe area that not only accentuates a woman’s foot but does that without pinching or binding. The heel is quite high coming in at four inches which adds a truly sexy appearance to the style of the shoe and the natural curve of a woman’s leg.

Colors and Prints: There is a great mix and quite a bit of variety with this line of shoes which is one reason it is so popular. There are a few very colorful solids that would go great with a spring-time wardrobe, some subtler and classic colors, a fun “croc” print that is available in several colors and a newer snake-print with a few color choices as well.

Ariel vs. Ariel 2: There are two varieties of the BCBGirls Ariel Pump, the Ariel and the Ariel 2. They have identical cut and general style, but the Ariel 2 is the specific line that offers a snake print with a bit of bronze in the color to set them off.

Cost Information: The BCBGirls Ariel Pump retails at around $90 in most online stores, offline will be about the same. Other online resources offer discounted prices (sometimes deep discounts) while still offering some great free shipping and returns options. There are some auction sites that also have a nice selection for this shoe, but the shipping and prices will vary from seller to seller and auction to auction.