Be Fit With Yoga And Physical Activities

We all want to be fit mentally, spiritually and physically. But with our busy lives and hectic schedule, how can we find ways to be fit? It is hard enough to manage our time with our everyday activities, how can we squeeze in activities to help us be mentally, spiritually and physically fit? But we all know that being holistically fit is the only answer in staying sane. But how do we achieve that?

To be mentally and spiritually in tune, you can enroll in a yoga class. Yoga is a discipline which deals with the physical as well as with the mental. However, it is often associated with meditative practices on Buddhism and Hinduism. The yoga that we refer to is actually known as yoga postures or yoga positions. This is called asana. Asana is a body position which means sitting down or to sit down. It is usually the initial position when starting the meditation and is intended to improve the body’s vitality and most especially flexibility, restore and maintain the person’s well-being, and develops the ability to remain on a sitting position while meditating for a long period.

There are a few traditional practices when performing asanas and these are as follows:

  • One should not eat before performing asana. You should have an empty stomach.
  • The body should be relaxed. One should never use force or pressure. One should make sure that the body is steady and should not tremble.
  • When lowering parts of the body like the head, it should be lowered slowly. Raised heels should be lowered slowly too. In yoga, there are no sudden movements.
  • It is also imperative that the person doing the exercises should control his breathing. There are specific breathing patterns for each position and this should be followed properly in order to achieve the desired result.
  • There are asanas that target specific problems such as stress and headaches. For a stressed body, Corpse Pose or Child Pose is performed. For reducing headaches, Sukhasana or Savasana are to be performed.
  • As for the physical part, one should be physically active. Do exercises, do sports. If you are into sports, try to do it weekly. It is a good workout to release all the stress and tension of the week. If you are into exercises, hit the gym after work. That way, not only will you be releasing your pent up anger toward your boss, you’ll also be keeping your body in shape by focusing all your energy in your work out. Dancing is also a good form of keeping a fit body. It tones your leg muscles. But depending on the kind of dance, it can tone your whole body. But if you do not like to do those, then brisk walking to the office will suffice. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You will be shedding pounds and keeping fit in weeks.

Remember, a healthy body, mind and spirit will always give you a positive outlook in life. No matter how much hardships come your way, you will be able to tackle them as easy as 1,2,3.