Beach Sun Shades and Cabanas – For Your Summer Fun

It’s that time of year when you can take the family and meet friends at the beach. Summer is for soaking up the sun, cooking out, and enjoying the refreshment of the water. The beach is a huge place though, and there aren’t really any natural boundaries except for the ones you create when you settle down in your spot with your towels, coolers, and radio. Next time, why not take a beach sun shade, or a beach cabana? They can add a little privacy and your own personal space around you and your family.

A beach sun shade or a beach cabana forms a respectful boundary around you and your belongings. They also create a physical location for your kids and friends to find throughout the day. A beach sun shade is perfect to protect you from the elements during your time at the beach. UV protection is provided along with light rain and wind protection. Lightweight pole systems are sturdy and have extra pegs and sand pockets for added stability. Shutters and air vents keep you cool. So the kids can play in the sand, and so you don’t take home a bunch of sand in your belongings, sun shades and cabanas are often floorless.

Lightweight and easily taken along, a beach sun shade or a beach cabana both come in their own carrying bags. Either is ideal for a day trip to the beach. A beach cabana can go anywhere, is self supporting, and lightweight. For extra windy conditions, stake out rings are provided. Large windows with screens add ventilation, but cannot be seen through. Many cabanas have a large zippered door that can be left closed or open for easy access. The door can be extended down when not in use to enlarge the floor area. These do not allow an open floor to the sand, but provide an excellent privacy shelter when changing by zipping up the door.

Deciding on what kind of beach sun shade or cabana you want before your purchase can be achieved by viewing them online. So, before school starts up again, make sure you take advantage of the blue skies and sunshine. Feel the cool spray of the water on your face, and smell the wonderful scent of evaporating water in the air. Get a beach sun shade or a beach cabana, and set out today for a good time with your family and friends. You will create many memories.