Beat It With A Hammer

I repaired large grocery store refrigeration equipment for forty five years. Because it was a mechanical piece of equipment I could bend, fold, or hammer the equipment into my finished product.

In other words, when you do not know what to do with something you beat it with a hammer until it conforms, starts to work, or breaks.

I think a lot of net-work marketers use the same approach. Especially us older generation.

This technology is new to us and we have always been able to take it apart and see how it works.

This is not the case in today's modern computer age.

I remember my first computer with a CDROM. I could not get it to work and I had bought the computer out of state and lived some twenty five miles out of town.

I tried everything I could think of and still the CDROM would just sit there and not work.

So, I took the computer apart thinking a wiring harness was not plugged in good and tight from the nine hundred mile trip home.

I could not find anything wrong with the wiring harness so I proceeded to the next step of opening up the CDROM. Big mistake as I had to wait for a new CDROM in the mail.

Once installed, I called the computer store and he walked me through the software commands and got it working. Upon vowing I would leave the inside of the computer alone, he let me go.

I wonder if we do not basically do the same thing today with a few changes.

We open up a network business and expect tons of leads and traffic and sign ups to start coming in.

When it does not happen we panic and start beating our opportunity up with a hammer. Surely if I do this or do that, I will get sign ups and leads will start to come in.

It took me some twenty years in my refrigeration field before I was considered an expert and called upon to render advice and consult.

Now I have a network marketing business that I have been doing for maybe thirty days and I am not making thousands of dollars like I was promised.

So what is a networker supposed to do?

1. Stop! Take a deep breath and start treating your business like a business and be a responsible CEO.
2. Develop a plan.
3. Start working your plan.
4. Ask others for advice. Do not try and be an expert and give advice if you do not know what you are talking about.
5. Start helping others anyway you can. Success is built on relationships and friendships.

The last thing you need to try is getting a bigger hammer and making the network fit.

Your networking business will be a success when you start acting and being successful.