Beating the Summer Heat!

Summer is full of exciting adventures and miles for children such as their first visit to the beach, learning to swim at the local pool, and making friends at the mall fountain! However some of these events can be overshadowed by the excess heat that keeps most of us locked in doors with the air conditioning running full blast! Be ahead of your game this summer with some sun and heat protection that will make battling the summer rays no sweat!


It is always best to get a sunshade for your rear windows even if they are tinted, this will help to reduce the light that enters the car and can warm car seats and small metal buckles that children can get burnt on. Additionally, for infant seats we recommend the Uppababy Bubble which is an additional sun shade the covers the infant car seat. This is also ideal for when the seat is attached to the stroller, the mesh helps to eliminate light as well as pollen and dander in the air! (It's also great for keeping invasive strangers from trying to touch your baby!) For toddler car seats, the Car Seat Sunshade reflects light and heat from any car seat or boost seat that's left in the car. This will help reduce the risk of children being burnt by overheated metal on seat buckles.


If you stroller does not provide sufficient sun protection, you may want to consider adding a a canopy extension. The Compact and Classic Sunshades attach to any stroller, including umbrella strollers, and are an easy way to extend the sun coverage on your stroller. A drink bottle tether can be attached to your stroller to hold a stainless steel sippy cup to help keep your little one hydrated in the warm weather! Thermos even makes children's sippy cups that are insulated to help keep water, milk, or juice cool.


Some carrier brands design products specific for use in hotter climates to help make baby wearing more comfortable. The Ergo Sport Carrier has lighter, more breathable fabric to help keep baby and parent cooler. Moby Wrap designed a special UV protected carrier with the Rayosan processed fabric which does not alter the breathability of the fabric but deflects any harmful UVA and UVB rays off of the fabric.


You can help to keep your tot cool just by choosing clothing that are breathable and allow for maximum sun protection. A sun hat is a great way to keep sun off of your child's face and also add a little accessory to his / her outfit. Summer shoes and sandals will protect your baby's feet from the hot summer ground but allow for maximum breathability. Quality shoes will withstand exposure to water for playful summer days at the local fountain or front yard sprinkler. Baby Legs also offers a small collection of UV protected legwarmers that will reflect summer rays.

Tips to stay cool without breaking the bank

-Visit the local fountain to play in the water and meet other local children

-Get out of the house during the mid-day heat peak and walk around the air conditioned mall

-Get a summer pass to the local swimming pool and / or sign your kids up for swimming lessons

-Purchase black out curtains to put on windows, this not only reduces the light and heat that enters your home but also blocks many outside noises!

-Open windows at night to allow for the cool breeze to cool down your home naturally. Just be sure to close them up in the morning!

-Set up a sprinkler in the front yard for kids to run in and cool down

-Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help keep your body cool