Beautiful Southwest Wall Sconces – Art For Your Home

Beautiful Southwest wall sconces are available in an array of colors, materials, styles, and hand-painted designs, making it easy to find the right sconce to fit any traditional, rustic or modern Southwest decor.

Made of natural materials, there are sconces fashioned in any number of shapes, from simple rectangles, semi-circles, stars, and cylinders to an inverted semi-circular stair step shape known as the ziggurat. There are many materials used including clay, ceramics, glass and various metals. Regardless of what style you choose, you will love the luminosity that filters through the sconce in a soft, ambient light. With the current technology in lighting, you will never have to squint when looking directly at them while lit.

You can also find sconces made of specialty materials. Sand art originated by putting different colors of sand into bottles, creating amazing images, pictures and designs. Talented artists manipulate the granules of sand into their Southwest ceramic wall sconces before firing, adding texture and interest to the finished product for a more rustic and earthy look. Incredible, geometric designs and traditional animals, like bears, coyotes, and mustangs are available and all created with just different colors of sand. The sandy texture allows for a more traditional Southwestern look.

Metal and matte glass sconces contain specific drawings and cutouts such as Acoma bears, geckos, kokopellis, chilies, ponies, petroglyphs, and many cowboy designs. There is even a wall sconce shaped like a cowboy hat. Most sconces are available in your choice of outdoor or indoor wiring and you can even buy just the cover to replace a cover on an existing sconce.

Some companies make their sconces out of clay, leaving the natural look and feel of the material intact. Other than the light emanating from inside, they look like historic artifacts that may have come from an archaeological dig.

Indoor sconces are an unobtrusive size, yet offer lighting for both functional and decorative uses. They work wherever you want soft light, such as in an entryway, hallway, bathroom, bedroom and in the ever-popular theater room. These sconces can also add complimentary “mood” lighting around a favorite Southwest painting or gorgeous entry art display.

To maintain uniformity in your Southwest decor, many companies offer “made-to-order” sconces, where you can choose your background color, paintings, and etchings, allowing you to match your sconces with your lamps, pottery, mirrors or bath accessories.