Become More Detached

Rule Number One of The Tao of Steve is to eliminate your desire or as simplified, "We pursue that which retreats from us". Think about that for a moment, gentleman … WE PURSUE THAT WHICH RETREATS FROM US. It sounds so simple and it's even simpler to implement.

But, why would you want to eliminate your desire in a practical sense?

If you're completely free of all desire then in the hell can you ever be upset over a rejection? How can one pull your mouse-card and dangle the cheese to get what they want out of you?

Always remain detached from the results of your potential contract. There is no reason to be so full of desire that formulating a game-plan is not even a possibility.

Logic is your tool gentleman. If you happen to forget or ignore all that you've read in this article, always remember this everyone is out for their best interest. If you can really liberate yourself from mind-clowing desire there is nothing you have to lose.

The reasons to be desire-less are numerous. Another reason to remain detached is that it allows you to step back and view yourself completely in an unbiased light. Detachment itself is key if your goal is to be in the game of life as a player instead of riding the pines watching all of the action you crave move right past you.

Once again if you can play without desire, victory is already yours, bro. You've already won because by being impressed by nothing, you're above everything and then, everything is in your reach if you so choose to go for it.

Now, get out there and re-enter the game as a man completely free and grab life by its sharp horns.

See ya at the top.