Bedroom Lighting Fixtures For Children And Adults

It does not matter how beautifully you have decorated a bedroom, or how much you have spent on furniture and accessories, not having the correct bedroom lighting fixtures can be a costly oversight and can also be inconvenient.

Most children do not like the dark, so incorporating some warm and low level lighting in a child's room is essential, place the lighting on a dimmer and there will be no startingling transition from bright to dark. Your child will sleep better and feel more secure. Dimmer switches on bedroom lighting fixtures is always a great idea, you can set the mood for a romantic evening, or adjust the lighting to suit someone who is in bed sick, or for someone who wants to stay in bed to read or study.

Of course, the kind of bedroom lighting fixtures will depend entirely on your décor. There are lots of fun fixtures for children's bedrooms, and fixtures especially for the student's bedroom.

If your children prefer to study in their bedrooms, make sure they have the correct lighting to work by. Someone who studies for hours may be sooner to getting heads because the lighting is wrong. The light reflects off computer screens and paper and can cause painful eyestrain.

Modern fixtures make use of low wattage and very efficient light bulbs, including xenon, fluorescent and low wattage halogen bulbs. These bulbs will last for years and consume very little power.

Little girls these days love pink, so choose bedroom lighting fixtures that include pink shades on the lights, add some pink bulbs and your daughter will love her new bedroom.

Little boys tend to like their action heroes, football and baseball stars. You can get just about any kind of sports-theme related bedroom lighting fixture to fit in with rest of his décor, and light fixtures are not difficult to hang.

In a nursery, lighting should definitely be on a dimmer. You will need plenty of light when you are feeding or changing a new baby, but at nap time and at night turning a dimmer down to low can provide a comforting light for baby and allow mom or dad to look in and check on the new family member.

Overhead bedroom lighting really is not necessary and if you are doing a total remodel you might consider adding some potlights or low wattage spots recessed into the ceiling. Two spots can be positioned over the bed, and are very useful if you both like to read before going to sleep. The potlights can also be put on a dimmer, and remote controls are available so you do not have to get out of bed to turn them off. This will free up space in your bedroom – no more lamps on the bedside tables – just more room for books!

Wall sconces also make lovely bedroom lighting fixtures and can give a room a totally different look. With a mixture of bedroom lighting fixtures, your room's lighting can be adjusted to look entirely different, depending on your mood.