Bedside Commode – Convenient Bathroom Chair For Elders and Disabled

Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling the need to use the bathroom can be irritating; more so if you have mobility restrictions. Getting out of bed, walking to your destination, doing your thing, and returning to your bed is cumbersome and very inconvenient. For elders and disabled, aside from waking up other members of the family, going to the bathroom poses some life-threatening risks. What would happen if the person accidentally slips while in the bathroom? If the person lives alone, would help immediately arrive?

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about your elders going through these terrifying experiences. Recent technologies have created various independent living products that allow elders, disabled, and people with mobility problems to move safely and comfortably with little or almost no assistance needed.

Bedside commode or commode chair is an independent living medical equipment that provides assistance in the bathroom. For seniors, owning a commode chair can be particularly helpful especially if they are already weak and unstable. For the disabled, it provides convenience since they do not have to move farther and experience discomfort. People who have problems with their balance and movement are often at risk of falling in the bathroom due to their condition. Damp bathroom floors also contribute to this risk. More often, because of fear of falling, people with mobility problems become very frightened to use the bathroom by themselves.

Family members need to understand why elders and disabled become frightened of bathrooms. If you ever experienced falling, you should know how it feels to be helpless. Statistics reveal that falls are the number one reason of death from injury in the US. In nursing homes, half of the elders experience falls annually.

Commode chairs reduce the possibility of falling since they make it easier for the elders to get on and off the toilet. Some bedside commodes function as portable toilets, with detachable pails, to reduce the user’s trips to the toilet.

Bedside commode for handicapped creates a feeling of security and self-reliance. Similar to a standard composite 3-in-1 commode, it can easily be converted from a portable toilet to a chair set above a toilet bowl to a raised toilet seat. You do not have to worry placing it by the bed because it has a seat cover for hygienic purposes. The backrest is removable for added versatility. It looks like a child’s chair upon first impression but its mono-block form is very sturdy, it will not even corrode. Commode bucket, lid, and splash guards are also included as additional feature.

The commode is adjustable to accommodate user’s height. Sturdy and very stylish, users find it comfortable to sit on. If not in use, you can just close the lid and it turns into a normal chair for the bedroom. Even children can use the bedside commode as a potty trainer. Toddlers will enjoy using this commode chair because it does not feel as cold as the regular toilet. It also has stable arms for supporting the user.