Beechwood Laminate Floor

Although it is well known as one of the softest timbers that’s used for flooring, beechwood is still very attractive as a flooring option. To accomplish the same look in a better, tougher alternative, one would be wise to look to beech laminate flooring instead of real wood. Beech laminate is really superior to the so called real stuff, as it’s tough enough to provide the beauty of beechwood without the worry of the inherent fragility. More and more people are learning that with laminate flooring, they can bring the beauty of beechwood into their home without the worry of easy damage.

Laminate flooring requires no special chemicals with which to clean, it doesn’t crack or split, and any scuffs will just buff right out. This is very different from the nightmare of a scratched real wooden floor. If you have a family, I’m sure you can appreciate just how much easier this laminate floor would be to work with than the real wood alternative.

BHK, Shaw, and Westhollow are some of the top manufacturers that are currently offering a beech laminated floor, though they are among a host of other companies that also have great products. All of these companies offer beautiful flooring options that are also durable and affordable, but there are some differences between them. You’ll want to shop as many various brands as you can know exactly what you want from your laminate floor, as there are many variables.

BHK, for instance, is well known for providing a great beech laminate floor. Select Beech is their most popular product, but Enhanced Beech is also available if you’d like an alternative look for your laminate floor that shares the same great honey color while exhibiting even more wood grain patterns than the Select Beech.

Shaw is a popular supplier of beech laminated flooring. One of their more popular offerings is called the Beech 2-strip, though it is a bit pricier than a lot of the competition. For the budget minded, Shaw offers a Golden Beech laminate floor. Whatever your budget, Shaw probably has something that will fit nicely.

Westhollow makes the Constance Beech line of laminate floor, as well as several other styles. The Constance Beech is pretty much what you imagine a beech floor looking like, complete with the standard light beech color. Other laminate floor choices include the exotic looking South Beech that is a darker, almost honey colored hue that is very alluring. Both the Constance Beech and the South Beech would likely work great for a laminate floor in your home.