Beginner Scrapbooking Vocabulary, Part One: A Through H

Scrapbooking is like any specialty hobby; it’s got its own vocabulary! When you first start out, you can feel like everyone around you is speaking a foreign language. To help you figure out what everyone’s talking about, here is the first in a series on scrapbooking vocabulary.

A is for Adhesive. Adhesive is the sticky stuff you use to attach photos and other embellishments to your layouts. It comes in a variety of formats, from tape runners to glue sticks to glue dots. What you use depends on what you’re trying to stick.

B is for Bazzill. Bazzill is one of the largest and most popular scrapbooking manufacturers. They are known for high-quality cardstock in dozens of shades. In recent years, the company has created cardstock colors to match patterned paper from other manufacturers, making it easy for scrapbookers to coordinate their projects.

C is for Crop. When used as a verb, “crop” means to trim your photos. When used as a noun, a “crop” is a gathering of scrapbookers where they get together to work on their scrapbooks (and eat M’n’Ms).

D is for Design Principles. Because scrapbooking is a visual medium, it relies on basic laws of design. These include guidelines such as the visual triangle, the rule of three, and color theory. The more you learn about design principles, the stronger scrapbooker you will become, just as great writers are familiar with the rules of grammar and spelling.

E is for Embellishments. “Embellishments” refers to anything you add to jazz up your scrapbook page. It includes memorabilia, brads, stickers, ribbon, buttons, and anything else you adhere to the page in addition to your title, journaling and photos.

F is for Flocking. Flocking is like glitter, only fuzzy! You can add it to glue by sprinkling to create a fun texture, or add to pre-made adhesive shapes. It comes in a variety of colors. Warning: It’s addictive — and messy!

G is for Glue Dots. Glue dots just might be the best invention ever made. They are circles of adhesive that come in a variety of sizes, and they are perfect for adhering heavier or bulkier embellishments to your scrapbook layouts.

H is for Heat Embossing. Heat embossing is a technique used to create dimensional images using embossing powder, embossing fluid, and a stamp. You stamp an image in embossing fluid in the desired location, then sprinkle embossing powder on top. Using a heat tool, you heat the area, melting the powder. The resulting image is raised and often shiny.