Beginners Guide to Timber Decking Kits

Timber Decking Kits for your Patio & Garden

Garden Decking has witnessed a revival of late, which is possible attributable to the fact that it is a simple, elegant, and easy to create feature which adds both practicality and usability to your garden.

Constructing a decking kit is a rewarding and simple experience – and one which is open to almost any practical-minded individual or half-competent DIYer. By following just a few instructions, you too could create a highly practical area within your garden, which can be enjoyed by for all the family.

First up, ensure that the garden timber decking kit is constructed from ethically sourced, sustainable timbers. Ethically managed forests help ensure that the deck boards have been harvested from sustainable sources. Pine deck boards are the most common deckboards in the UK – typically at 12.5 and 14.5 centimeters wide. Ensuring that your deckboards are grooved will also ensure that the deck provides extra grip in wet weather conditions, so try to source timbers which have at least four grooves. Reversible deck boards will give you the option of perhaps four or seven grooves.

The construction process begins with the preparation of your ground area – the space on which the deck is to be built. Having removed the weeds, rocks, and other unwanted objects from the ground, start by laying a weed control membrane underneath the area on which your project is to be constructed. This will help prevent any further weeds from growing up through the timber boards.

Once the ground area has been prepared, the project will begin constructing the wooden joist frame. This will typically be constructed from C16 grade softwood, 4 "x2" in profile. Raised projects will use 6 "x2" timbers mounted on steel post anchors.

Now that the timber joist frame is in place, the framework will provide a solid base onto which the deckboards can be laid. Timber decking boards should be laid at 5-6mm intervals, to allow the timber to expand and contract under different weather conditions and seasons.

If you wish to install a handrail system, this will be supported vertically by the use of either steel fence post spikes or the more conventional bolt-down steel anchors.

Timber decking kits need not cost the earth – pretty much anyone with fundamental DIY skills will be able to complete an elegant and practical ground deck. Decking kits can be easily adapted for level ground decks, and raised decks can help accommodate uneven ground or a sloping garden. Decking kits are often consider cheaper than a paved decking area, and far more environmentally friendly.

Finally, ensure that all decking timbers are protected with a quality decking stain. Sadolin 2 in 1 Deck Stain and Preserver is specifically good value, and offers a very high level of finish and quality.