Behr Paint

Behr Process Corporation, one of the oldest and famous Interior and Exterior paint manufacturers, founded over 60 years ago, offers a wide spectrum of highest quality paints. There are up to 2000 colors in paint swatches and around 4 thousand samples in Behr Paint arsenal. Most popular product of Behr Paint, Behr Premium Plus Ultra series with self-priming paint is one of the bestselling paint products on the market. Choosing Behr Paint simply means going for the best.

Innovation in paint business and ultra quality, highest standards as well as value and performance has created unparalleled reputation for Behr. Constantly improving technologies and researching new products since 1947, accurately evaluating new services and materials, and offering quality products with life time guarantee only, guaranteed a huge success for Behr.

There is no better choice if you are planning to completely change the look of your house. Pick the color that really speaks to you, and start a DIY project. You can get a help from qualified specialists to make a right choice of colors and other materials as well as brushes and other tools you may need. Also, the Behr Web Site has an unique feature to help you out with colors; simply upload a photo of your house or walls or whatever you are intending to paint and see what your project going to look like after applying a certain color. You can complete your project in just couple of days, whether it involves painting an exterior of your house or an interior. Truth is, Behr started making more and more products for DIY projects so you can have fun doing everything by yourself with simplicity and comfort.

Unique technologies that are used to create Behr Paint, you to apply paint fast and easy without any special efforts. Paint goes on easy and dries out extremely fast regardless the material you are painting; Brick wall, cement wall or anything else. When speaking of Behr Paint quality, you should consider the fact; it hardly ever requires a second coat (2 layers). More importantly, it is easy to clean up once you have finished your job and the paint itself doesn’t have ridiculously annoying smell as majority of paints do.

High quality doesn’t necessarily mean high price. Behr products are affordable for everyone at reasonable prices per say. Visit Behr home page for more information and any enquiries you may have.

People’s Reviews

I’ve heard of Behr Paint from my friend, he said the paint held up for more than 10 years and he was happy with it. That’s when I decided to give it a try. I have been using Behr Paint for more than 5 years now, and not without good reason: the quality of the paint is quality of much more expensive paints such as Sherwin Williams. Prices are reasonable and Behr has rich color selection. I have used Behr Paint in everywhere, painted my kitchen, bathroom and living room, as well as exterior of my house, brick wall. The paint applies easy, it doesn’t stink like most of the paints do and it doesn’t take long to dry out, also, surprisingly it only takes 1 coat to complete the coverage, sometimes 2 coats depending on the material. I decided to experiment and bought the most expensive paint out there, the result was the absolutely same. A reason why I prefer Behr Paint is its huge color choice. I used Behr’s web page to choose a color. Color calibration was a bit weird but in the end it works just fine. I was able to choose the color I wanted – “Antique White” for my exterior. I would recommend this paint to everyone, Behr Paint comes with a life time warranty.