Belief Barrier Bashing

Early this morning I was in the midst of what felt like light sleep but lots of dreaming. I kept on running into these opaque barriers that were blocking me. These barriers kept me from seeing things, they blocked flow, they closed things in. I felt myself getting frustrated in my dreams and at some point I woke from the struggle. I laid there kind of searching for some insight or awareness about what was going on.

Then as clear as a bell, I saw that these barriers where my thoughts/beliefs that were limiting me. I have acquired these belief barriers through my social conditioning and my false interpretation of incomplete information. They are primarily the creation of my false thinking and often manifestations of fear. I have been struggling lately with feeling that something was getting in my way, blocking me from being fully open to the rich flow of abundance of the universe. I know that there is a richness of love and inspiration I have tapped into. But I felt the flow of money was blocked and that there was more I needed to open to.

Now I see that belief barriers have plugged up the flow in some areas of my life. I then closed my eyes and visualized removing all the barriers from whatever channels of abundance were blocked. I imagined a river that was blocked by a dam but then the floodgates were fully opened and the river flowed freely again. Can you hear the rush of the freed river and the freed abundance flowing?

I took those barriers and piled them up and took a sledgehammer to them until they were smashed into little pieces. They seem like some kind of plastic so I imagined taking then to the recycling center so they could be remade into something useful.

I have now freed myself from my faulty thinking, any blocks to my heart, any blocks to an abundance of money, any blocks to awareness and anything else that might get in my way from creating the life I know is right for me. These barriers are all self-created, almost all unconsciously. WARNING: Please be careful not to judge yourself harshly because of how you have limited yourself. That would miss the boat. The most positive and powerful thing to do is to open your heart and love you as you are. Self-love is a great smasher of belief barriers.