Belief Comes Before Weight or Fat Loss!

You’ve all heard the phrase before that says “Whether you believe you can or you cannot you’re right”. Well in this article I am going to not only show you how this is so very true but also share with you how it impacts and effects your weight loss and fat loss goals.

A belief often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. This is because if you believe you can’t do something then it will affect your attitude, your moods, your emotional and physiological states which all ultimately will affect your actions which, as the basic law of cause and effect says, will affect and determine the results you get.

If you have a desire to lose weight, lose body fat and change your physical body but you have a limiting belief about what is truly possible for you… such as, it’s my genetics to be fat, I’m too old to lose weight now, I’ve tried before and it didn’t work, then these beliefs will determine your results and set you up for failure from the start.

Why? Because if you belief that you are genetically fat, that you cannot lose weight because you are above a certain age or that because you tired and failed in the past you simply cannot do it then what level of action will you take to achieve your goals? Not very much at all, because why try so hard and put in so much effort when you know it wont really work for you. With these or any other limiting beliefs you will lack the commitment, the drive, the perseverance and the consistent action that is necessary to make your goals become a reality for you.

This is true of anything. Anyone who ever achieved anything and was able to achieve success and produce a result time and time again wasn’t lucky, they had a plan and they took action to implement that plan but before all of that, what underlines everything, was the belief that what they were trying to achieve was possible for them. Empowering beliefs about yourself, about what is possible and about your dreams, desires and goals are the starting point for attainment and achievement in anything, including healthy sustainable weight and fat loss.

Let’s take a look at some more empowering beliefs and how they impact us at an unconscious level and affect how ability to achieve our hearts desires. Roger Banister break the 4 minute mile in 1954. This is something man had been trying to do since the time of the Romans. Scientists said it just couldn’t be done and that the human body wasn’t built to run a mile in under 4 minutes, they believed it wasn’t possible and they even had scientific evidence to back up their limiting belief.

Then along come Roger Banister who trained for many years in an attempt to break the 4 minute mile. The difference between Roger Banister and everyone else was not his natural genetic ability, not his superhuman capabilities but his belief about what was possible. He believed so deeply that it was possible that he refused to give up. This one belief about what was possible drove him to continue to pursue in his endeavour when others would’ve given up and advised him to dot he same. When the time came to break the world record and run a mile in under 4 minutes, it truly was a self fulfilling prophecy because he had already achieved it time and time again in his minds eye.

The truly amazing thing was not just the fact that he had achieved some an incredible feet but even more so that the very next year over 20 other people around the world achieved the same thing breaking the 4 minute mile when no one else in history had been able to do it. What made the difference? The fact that one person, Roger Bannister, had done it proved to other people and to the world what was possible and this then become a reference point for others to adopt the same and new belief about what was possible. This new belief installed in many and affected their level of action and therefore their results.

Today college kids run the mile in under 4 minutes with relative ease but just imagine if all those years ago, when everyone believed it was not possible, that Roger Bannister didn’t adopt this empowering belief, would all these people between then and now been able to achieve such great things.

If you have a desire and a goal to lose weight and fat from your body and are finding results are not showing up then you need to ask yourself, “What do I believe about losing weight and losing fat?”. Do you have beliefs that are limiting your potential, your actions and therefore your results?