Benefits of a Screen Porch

Making the decision to add a screen porch to your home can provide you with a number of exciting benefits. Homeowners contemplating the idea of building a screen porch to their home should simply ask someone who already has made the decision and are currently enjoying their new space. The feedback from these homeowners will sound consistent, each providing a little insight into why building a screen porch is a good decision. Below are a number of reasons why adding a screened in porch to your home is beneficial.

Brings the Outdoors In

Imagine enjoying the beauty of the outside without having to endure direct sunlight or pesky mosquitos. A screen porch gives you and your family the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature from the comfort of a soft couch, chair or swing. From enjoying a morning coffee to taking in an afternoon nap while a summer shower falls down around you, a screen porch protects you while giving you the ability to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Added Square Footage

A porch can add much needed living space to any home. Not only that, but your newly created space can serve as an area you feel is most appropriate. Many believe a screen porch should be designed with entertainment in mind; while other simply want to construct a smaller space, maybe off the master bedroom, for privacy. No matter how you want to use your newly created space, the added living space does wonders for a home.

Improved Home Value

There is nothing more beautiful than an outdoor living space constructed with the existing architecture of the home in mind. Adding this space not only provides added square footage and visual appeal, it boosts the overall home value. Buyers want flexible space in their home, and a new porch is an excellent way to provide this flexibility.

Augments Creative Detail

Not every home has a screen porch. This can be used to your advantage. Once you make the decision to build a porch, you can design the space specific to your family’s needs and make it unique to any home around you. You can be creative in your approach to designing the space for your family too. Taking design liberties like adding rustic ceiling beams, painting your ceiling an accent color or even incorporating a skylight is a great way to show off your design capabilities in a very flexible space. Many benefits of having a porch can be realized by simply being creative in your design approach.

There are many benefits associated with having an outdoor living space like a screen porch. When constructed properly, it will quickly become one of the most visited spaces in your home.