Benefits Of A Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is perhaps the best all around cleaning tool that we can avail of today. Some vacuums are designed to clean wide spaces in a short period of time while other vacuum cleaners specialize in cleaning narrower spaces easily. Some can store a huge amount of dirt in one cleaning while some can be easily stored and carried around.

Some have multiple cleaning heads that you can replace according to what area you are cleaning and some have long extensions that you can use to reach the dust up there in the ceiling. Some can thoroughly clean hard floor surfaces while others are well equipped to suck the dirt off even the deepest carpeting.

But now, there are even more choices. Before, you can buy a vacuum and a separate wet vacuum designed to clean liquid spills. Now, you can just buy a single model that has both the functions of a dry and a wet vacuum cleaner. Cool huh? To know more about the wet-dry vacuum, I have listed some of its great benefits.

You need not be exposed to dirt

Technically, the way you operate a wet dry vacuum cleaner is very similar to the way you operate a regular one. Through the intake port, dust, dirt and even liquid spills are collected. Then, all of these collected dirt pass through a tube leading to the compartment where they would accumulate. It’s practically the same, right?

What is different however is that when you use a wet dry vacuum machine, the dirt and dust you have collected are dissolved in water inside the machine. In the case of a regular vacuum cleaner, when you dispose of the dirt, the particles will come flying and you will have to come in contact with them. But with a wet dry cleaner, the particles are already dissolved and you just have to throw the water away, so the dust would not go on flying around.

It can clean up liquids easily

The primary selling point of a wet dry vacuum machine is that it can effectively clean dust and dirt and when the situation calls for it, the vacuum cleaner can easily clean up liquid spills. However, some people think using a wet dry vacuum machine would be messy because you have to dispose of the dirt in a liquid form. Then again, the drain hoses attached to the vacuum cleaner allows an easy and clean disposal of the liquid mess. Gone are the days when wet dry vacuums are only used in commercial establishments and heavy tanks have to be lifted to remove the vacuumed liquids.

It is very versatile

The regular vacuum machine proved to be a very versatile cleaning tool until we realized we have to get a rag every time we spill something on the floor. You don’t have to do that when you have a wet dry vacuum cleaner. You can actually use it for any cleaning task you can imagine. Unlike regular vacuums, it is safe to pick up bigger dirt with the wet dry vacuum.

Aside from cleaning surfaces, you can also use the wet dry vacuum cleaner to inflate balls, mattresses and other toys that need to be inflated. You can retrieve items that have gone down the drain and you can unclog a pipe. You can use it to remove snow from your driveway and you can use it to clean the fireplace. You can forget everything else ans just invest on a really good wet dry vacuum appliance and then you’re good to go.

You can choose what size you want

People tend to think of wet dry vacuum cleaners as the really bulky machines used commercially in industries. Yes, some wet dry vacuums can be tat large but now, they come in a wide range of sizes. You can choose to have a wet dry vacuum with ½ gallon capacity or have one with a 15 gallon capacity.

Choose wisely according to the size of your house (or whatever you will be cleaning). If the area is not that large, avoid buying the ones with the greatest capacity because you will only end up with a vacuum cleaner that takes a lot of space.

You can choose to buy a hand held wet dry vacuum machine which is easy to carry and really versatile too. It is ideal for most people, even those who live in large houses, because you can use it to clean virtually anything, from your closet to the interior of your car.