Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioners

Too much hot and excessive cold both left us with kind of uneasiness. In both the states either we can work efficiently nor we can relax ourselves. At such moments air conditioners prove their worth. Ducted air conditioners or ducted split systems are better options as they cover whole lot of areas at the same time.

This type of conditioners are quite beneficial.

  • They can be used in hotels, offices, multi-storey buildings, house, shopping complexes, malls, picture- halls everywhere.
  • These are installed in roof and controls the temperature according to the environment. This system joins the air of the room and turns it into cold and hot according to climate.
  • Their installation is easy and as they are fixed in roof, so they do not occupy the space on the wall.
  • Single machine is capable enough in controlling the temperature of whole house and even two storeys. the air is spread through ducts in all rooms.
  • In multi-storey buildings various ducts are installed in different stores and single machine could do for two stories at a time.
  • In hot climate it provides cooling and dehumidification and warmth in cold.
  • The zone motors can be installed in different ducts of different rooms to make the heating or cooling flexible as per your requirement.
  • These are most beneficial for those who are suffering from asthma. As they filter the air which they attract from the surroundings and make it bacteria free.

The disadvantages associated with these conditions are, their installation left you with no choice to change it's location as per your need. As the conversion of required temperature is done with the help of electricity, so the result is in high electricity bills. And they are more expensive in comparison to other types of conditioners. But their installation proved to be cost effective inalls and offices, hospitals, and all.

It is advisable that before purchasing a conditioner contact to dealers, to know about varied ranges available in the market according to brands. Select the correct sized machine according to your need as the higher number of BTUs will add number of units in your bill. And make sure that you purchase from those dealers who provide maintenance services by expert technicians at regular intervals.

So there is no need to worry about buying separate air conditioners for separate rooms when a single ducted conditioner can satisfy your need effectively.