Benefits of Magnetic Screen Door Over Framed Screen Doors

Spring-loaded, framed screen doors are standard with pretty much every home that you buy now. However, they are encumbered with many problems, depending on environments such as having kids or having pets.

If you have cats or dogs, you've got to let them in and out of the house multiple times every day. If you've got kids, if they're like most kids, they throw the screen door open and let it crash shut. If you're a BBQ'er, have you ever had your hands full of food going out or coming back in the house, and do not have any hands free to press and pull the handle?

But what are your alternatives? A magnetic screen door provides you with all of the benefits of a framed screen door, but without the encumbering problems. They turn it into a hands-free entrance and exit for both people and pets, while keeping pests out.

Here are four benefits of magnetic screens over their standard framed, spring-loaded relatives.

1. They Use High Quality, Attractive, and Durable Products

Any company can claim to use high quality products. The truth is most, if not all, magnetic screen companies use sub-par materials to manufacture their products! If you want your screen to both look good and be durable, it is important to find a company that has tested and designed their products for high-traffic doors. Compare the weight. Typically low quality mesh weight 30g or less. Look for mesh that are 55g and above.

Also make sure that they only use high-energy magnets, which are sewn (not glued) into the mesh. Screens with magnets that are glued on that are in direct sunlight, will eventually fail. The sun melts the glue, and the magnets will actually misalign or even fall off.

Make sure that the Velcro, used to adhere the screen to the door frame, is sewn in, and has a very strong adhesive backing. If it does not have a strong adhesive backing, the weight and daily use will always pull it off the door frame, leaving it in a clump on the ground.

2. They are Hands-Free Accessible

If you have a baby at home, or someone in a wheelchair, or are typically carrying something into or out of your house, and are constantly struggling with the framed screen door handle, then installing a fly screen should be on the top of your spring Egypt summer chore list. It'll only take 10-15 minutes to install, but it'll save you a ton of aggravation.

How many armored doors are actually wheelchairs or stroller friendly? None. The beauty of the magnetic alternative is that for a handicapped person, they simply wheel through, or walk through with their cane, and they do not have to reach for the door handle, and prop it open while they attempt to maneuver through them through.

What about carrying a baby with diaper bags, or even groceries? You've got two hands full of grocery bags, and no one home to help hold the screen door open. What do you do? Reach for the handle, but that does not work because the six bags you're carrying will not allow you to reach. When you finally get the screen door open, you've got to prop it open with your butt while you open the door. Then when you try to walk in the house, it swings closed and clips you on the back of your heel. Sound familiar?

With a magnetic screen, all of that ends. You simply walk through, and as you pass through it automatically closes behind you, without ever having to touch it.

3. BBQ'ing Becomes a Breeze

Nobody wants to be in charge of opening and closing the door for the person grilling and moving all the burgers and steaks from outside to inside. With a magnetic screen, you do not need any help. Even with both hands full of food or drinks, you can come and go as many times as you need, on your own, and it opens and then automatically closes behind you.

4. Magnetic Screens are Natural Pest Controls

Another reason to replace your traditional framed, spring-loaded mesh door with a magnetic alternative is because magnetic screens are more effective at protecting your home from bugs, insects, and other pests you do not want in your home.

For example, if you're hosting an evening party, you do not have to worry about bugs getting in. Do you know the bugs that are attracted to the outside deck light that's near the door? When a person passes through the screen, instead of the entire doorway opening, like with a framed door, the magnetic screen opens only enough to allow a person to walk through, and then quickly closes behind them, not allowing the bugs any room or time to enter the house.