Benefits of Melamine Dinnerware

You’ve got a picnic to go to, but what serving plates do you take? You can’t take your good dinnerware; you don’t want to chip it, or worse-break it. And paper plates are way too unsteady to trust, so what do you do? Thankfully there is a new dinnerware material which is virtually indestructible and can make your picnic a success.

What is Melamine?

If you remember the old plastic trays from your grade school cafeteria, then you have already been introduced to melamine. Once just a commercial product, melamine is finding a new audience as every day dinnerware. In the past, melamine had been relegated to large volumes restaurants and cafeterias, as it was a durable material that could withstand the continuous abuse from large amounts of usage. Now, the once basic plastic dinnerware is becoming a colorful addition to homes as every day ware.


Melamine has one major benefit: it is virtually indestructible. This is why most high volume restaurants and cafeterias used the product, because it could take a beating and still stay strong. Overall, this saved hospitality groups a solid amount because they did not have to replace the melamine as frequently as ceramic dinnerware.

It’s durability makes it a strong contender for families with smaller children. Mom doesn’t have to worry about that plate being dropped and shattering into pieces. With melamine, Mom knows that if Junior drops the plate, it’s an easy clean up and there’s no damage to the plate. This also makes it a great outdoor picnic plate. With strength equal to regular ceramic earthenware, you can take these plates outdoors without worry. If someone drops a plate, it’s all right. It’s melamine.

Melamine is heat resistant too, which again makes it a perfect choice for little fingers. Many place settings for children are constructed out of melamine, which means your dishware can take a high chair beating or two. Children’s sets come in a variety of colors and sizes, and many have their favorite cartoon characters on, which means Junior can have dinner with his favorite superhero all the time. Adults can have themed melamine dinnerware as well. There are many holiday oriented place settings which can spice up a holiday dinner party or barbeque.

Melamine is a great choice for your every day dining needs. No more do you have to fumble around with flimsy paper plates that get soggy after a few minutes, nor do you have to worry about breaking your good dinnerware. Melamine is here to turn your outdoor, every day parties into a spectacular event.