Benefits of Plastic Roofing Sheets

Plastic Roofing Sheets are a perfect choice if you are looking for durable and flexible sheets that provide resistance towards weathering elements and UV radiation. These sheets are used in roofing of buildings in domestic and industrial areas, pool enclosures and sky lights. You can also get these sheets customized according to your specifications from the manufacturer.

An extruded Plastic Roofing Sheets developed from a special formula that offer resistance towards UV radiation is PolyRoof Sheet. These roofing sheets are available in various non fading colors like Frosted Green, Smoke Brown, Frosted Orange etc. These sheets come in various designs like Leaf, Bubbles, and Flowers etc, which add to the beauty of your roof. Moreover, these sheets are available in surfaces finishes such as mate (Semi and Plain) and Self-emboss.

PolyRoof Sheets are ideal for Cladding of farmhouses, bungalows, parking areas and terrace garden. These sheets are available in widths – 3 feet, 4 feet or 5 feet and the length can be customized according to the needs that generally come like – 15 meters or 25 meters.

Some of the features of these Plastic Roofing Sheets are:

· Provides good clarity allowing transmission of Natural Light

· Cost effective

· Aesthetic of the roof increased by Self-Emboss Finishing

· Stabilization from UV radiations

· Insulation from heat and sound

· Resistant towards weathering conditions (Only 0.08% absorption of moisture)

· Facilitates Easy Installation and light-weighted

· Can be easily cut with garden scissors or tooth saw

· Conventional Fixing

As it is apparent, plastic roofing materials provide a lot of advantages over the traditional roofing materials.