Benefits of Waxing Your Snowboard

When you buy a new snowboard, it will probably come pre-waxed. But, as you might expect, the wax used won’t be of very high quality. And, from the standpoint of the company, why should it be. The less money out of their pocket for wax, the greater their profit margin. For you, however, it probably means that you will need to have your board waxed sooner rather than later if you want to get the most pleasant experience possible from your snowboard.

Many snowboarders never wax their boards thinking that it is not necessary. And for the casual snowboarder, that is probably true. But, in reality, waxing your snowboard will not only give you a faster run down the slopes, it will glide better and give you more control as well. You will have much more fun riding down the slopes if you don’t have to put all of your effort into controlling the board. In addition, waxing your snowboard also improves its durability by helping to preserve the base. In short, keep your board waxed and it will last longer.

You have two choices when it comes to waxing your board. If there is a ski or snowboard shop nearby, you can have them wax your board. Also, those who live in apartments and simply don’t have room, will probably need to have a shop wax their boards. The second choice is for you to learn to wax your board yourself. It is not that hard once you do it a few times.

Once you get the hang of it, waxing your board should not take very long. The first few times that you do it, be prepared to spend maybe thirty minutes to an hour – because you won’t have a real feel to what you are doing. By the third or fourth time, however, you will most likely find yourself completing the entire job in twenty five minutes or less.

If you are only a casual snowboarder, you will probably need to wax your snowboard once or twice a season. If, however, you are snowboarding every weekend, waxing it once a month is a good idea.

Before beginning, you want to clean the base of your snowboard. Take a brass wire brush and begin brush from top to bottom. The purpose is to get much of the old wax out. Then use a rag to wipe off the debris from the board. Wearing gloves is a good idea. The edges of a snowboard are sharp. Gloves can prevent you from cutting your hands on the snowboard edges. After this, simply follow the instructions on your waxing kit and you are all set.