Berber Carpeting Pros and Cons

Berber carpeting is carpet with a continuous loop. Unlike cut pile carpet one carpet yarn will run from one end to the other. Traditionally it was a hand woven wool carpet but today it is machine made and can be made from any material from Olefin to Nylon. It has become a very popular carpet but is right for you.

The benefit of Berber carpet is that it is somewhat resistant to foot traffic. The loop makes it resist crushing and it does not show vacuum marks or foot steps like a cut pile carpet. It is great for those who like a clean look to their flooring. Another benefit of Berber is that it can hide soil very well if you choose a speckled pattern. With this pattern any spots you get on the carpet will tend to blend in with the pattern.

Berber does have many negatives. Because of the loop construction it can be tough to clean and to vacuum. The loop tends to hold dirt and the tight construction makes it hard for vacuums and carpet cleaning strips to clean in between the fibers. If you have pets you have another potential problem. If they pull up a tuft they can cause a run along the hole carpet. This is because the yarn runs the entire length of the carpet. The last drawback is that it is a harder carpet so if you are looking for plush comfort you should stay away from Berber.

Choose your carpet wisely. Whatever purchase you make will be in your home for the next 5 to 10 years. Try to find a carpet retailer who tries to fit a carpet to you and who does not just push the carpet special of the month. Good luck with whatever type you choose.