Best 15 Opening Lines To Use on Women

Girls detest cheesy pick up lines. However if you see an attractive girl, you feel like going up to her and talking to her. But then you fear that she may not reply or turn cold. There has to be some killer opening lines to speak to a girl that will get her in the mood to speak to you..Here are some of the best opening lines which can go well at relevant scenarios. Of course you need to be confident and creative. These opening lines are just some of the ways that can take the odds in your favor:

Here are 15 best opening lines which help you click with women without

1. Do you have an aspirin?

(spoken in a pained voice. The girl will want to know what is wrong. It arouses their maternal instincts.)

2. Hi (with a warm smile..It works)

3. Is my tie straight? I am going to an important meeting and I want to look it right.

4. Does this bus go straight to ‘X’ place or does it go..coz I need to reach…in ….mts.

5. Can you tell me where the x supermarket/post office/ Anthony d’Silva high school is? (Probably she will lead you there. Use this time to involve her in a good conversation. Ask her if she is not disturbed or getting late. She will probably say that it is not a problem. When she reaches the place, tell her that you only wanted to see the place, not go there. As she is pleasantly surprised, you smile confess that you wanted to meet her and God considered you lucky to give a break. She will be flattered)

6. I think you will find this book will be quite apt for your taste.(in a book store…make sure you are browsing the book which deals in the same topic, she is searching for)

7. what color are your eyes(girls are always proud of their eyes)

8. where did you get that bracelet?( to a girl wearing a lovely accessory)

9. You are that actress from the play..(of course, she isn’t but who doesn’t like it when you are comparing someone to somebody famous or praiseworthy)

10. Do you have a change of ten(you are waiting for a bus, train etc)

11. Did you drop this handkerchief(it is another thing that piece of cloth is something which you dropped from your pocket)

12. Wow! that’s a cute dog( to a lovely girl with a dog in tow)

13. This dress is preety cool na, I am thinking of gifting one for my sister’s birthday. What do you think? (Nice opening line for a preety girl checking out clothes with you in a dept store)

14. Your eyes appear tired…you look sad…(when a girl whom you are apprehensive to talk with, is sitting alone after a heartbreak or a disappointing day)

15. You are my sister’s friend. Aren’t you? (If she says no..apologize and smile. Take any general topic like the weather or something and sprint ahead)

Hey, wait a minute…do you think that somewhere down the line, you don’t look good enough.