Best 3 Strategies for Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

When you think about re-modeling your bathroom, typically you start thinking about the bath unit itself and sink fixtures. However, there is a simple upgrade you can do on your bathroom that most folks neglect to remember — your cabinets! Updating and replacing the cabinetry or even just the cabinet doors will give your bathroom a brand new look and feel.

The best strategy if you want any kind of cabinetry is to do research online and by visiting a showroom where you can peer into drawers and open doors to see exactly what storage space there is. Looking through magazines and DIY catalogues as well as those from custom cabinet makers enables you to see what choice there is. In fact there is so much choice that it can be bewildering. You need to touch the woods to see their quality and to be certain what wood you want in your bathroom, you should seek the advice of an expert. Perhaps you don’t need wood after all but could go for glass and stainless steel. There is so much choice that you need to weigh up your options. Start by thinking whether you need, say, a dark or light wood, or one that is painted. Do you want glass or frosted glass doors? Or would wood be a better bet? Only by doing research will you find the answer to such questions.

The next strategy is to consider what space is available in your bathroom. Just where will the new cabinets fit? Do you want a suite of cabinets designed to match your fixtures, or do you want one or two cabinets that will fit on a stand-alone vanity unit? Will you need medicine cabinets or will the cabinets on a vanity unit suffice? Would your bathroom look better with dark cabinets with glass doors with integral light rails or other illumination? Or would it be better to go for a light wood? You will probably want to visit a showroom a few times before you come up with the answer, and believe you have discovered just what your idea of the perfect bathroom for you is given the limits of space available.

The final of the three strategies is to consult a bathroom cabinet design expert who will be able to advise you on ways to have what you want in terms of unique bathroom cabinetry. When you reach this stage, you should explain your budget limit and not waste time looking at items which will cost more than you can afford. Your design consultant will be able to see what space is available and may well come up with suggestions to utilize the space in ways you hadn’t considered, so keep an open mind, as he/she could have very good suggestions which would probably look great in your bathroom.

A bathroom cabinet design expert will be able to tell you what the best woods are and suggest combination’s for your cabinets so that they do not take up all the available space. It is often more difficult to design custom bathroom cabinetry than a kitchen because of the limited space. Also there are the problems of plumbing water and electrical wires to consider.

Consulting a bathroom design expert will ultimately save you money and time and he or she will do their best to give you custom bathroom cabinets that live up to your expectations.