Best Above Ground Pool Pumps: Is The Hayward Power-Flo Matrix The Best Above Ground Pool Pump?


If you are in the market for durable and hard-working equipment for your above ground swimming pool, then the Hayward Power-Flo Matrix is certainly the most logical option to take. If only for its impressive 1.5 HP (it also comes in 1.00 HP or 3/4 HP) that ensures sufficient power, as well as its automatic thermal overload protecting feature that makes for a truly safe usage, most experts in the swimming pool industry consider the Hayward brand as the best above ground pool pump in the market today.

Features and Benefits

Following are the essential applications, features, and benefits of Hayward Power-Flo Matrix that make it the best available for above ground pools:

1. It performs well on both in-ground and above-ground types of pool.

2. It is considered as the most hardworking model when it comes to the collection of small and big-sized debris.

3. You are only required to perform occasional check-up and minimal maintenance of the pump.

4. Hayward pool pump boasts of its horizontal and vertical discharging feature, which can be easily done with a simple press of the button.

6. Fast and Convenient connection, disconnection, and discharging actions.

7. The equipment has a C-Clip connecting device that allows you to easily disengage the strainer housing within a few seconds.

8. Hayward Power-Flo has a superior Noryl impeller with extra wide openings meant for easy passage of large debris.

9. It possesses a heavy duty motor with built-in thermal overload protecting component to ensure long hours of consistent pumping performance.

10. This pool pump likewise has an integral drain plug meant to ensure simple and efficient winterization.

11. Best of all, manufacturers of Power-Flo Matrix above ground pool pump assures maximum strength and durability of this energy-efficient device for years and years of dependable performance.

Reliable, Heavy-Duty Pool Pumping Performance

When it comes to reliability and delivery of heavy-duty performance, you can certainly depend on the Hayward Power-Flo Matrix. For one thing, it possesses a durable, industrial-sized strainer basket that is meant to collect the maximum amount of debris at the least amount of time.

Basically, this pool brand exists to collect all debris and protect your pool from getting clogged and dirty. The pump has a Noryl impeller that features wide openings to ensure passage of even large-sized debris. It likewise boasts of a double seal and rear switch to ensure greater efficiency in performance.

Unlike other pool pump brands, Hayward has an automatic thermal overload protection that turns the motor off in case of abnormal situations. This ensure prevention of overheating and possible damage to the equipment. The machine will only start again if motor heat settles down to a safe level.

When it comes to the protection of the motor and whole device during cold weather, the pump has an effective winterizing feature in its built-in drain plug. However, to ensure that the swimming pool pump is totally protected from freezing and cold weather, it must be stored properly in a dry and well-ventilated storage place when not in use. It must be disconnected from its electrical power source. Make sure that the pump is drained thoroughly of water. Lastly, it must be cleared of any debris or clogging materials.

Customer Comments

Users all offer superlative comments and positive testimonials about Hayward Flow Matrix, which only further solidify its claim to the title of the best above ground pool pump. Many have reported that it is easy to install and operate; and that for such a compact machine, it can deliver efficient performance double or three times more than other existing pump brands.

Other users of Hayward above ground swimming pool pump are satisfied with the crystal clear water in their pools after setting the device to work. A particular consumer is truly happy to have purchased and used this pool pump because he never has to deal with algae at any given time of the year.


Simply put, you can fully depend on every function and capability of Hayward Power-Flo Matrix as it has been meticulously engineered and produced to work as the best above ground pool pump. It is certainly a breeze when it comes to operating this pumping device. With just one push on the button, the equipment immediately works to ensure superb and reliable pool pumping performance. Power-Flo Matrix interchanges its vertical and horizontal discharges in an easy manner. Needless to say, Hayward Power-Flo Matrix is the above ground pool pump that’s unlike any other in the market.