Best Baby Feeding Bottles

As first time parents, you will be facing so many decisions in caring for your baby. You will need to decide on what crib you will be buying, car seats you will be using, clothes, whether your baby will be rooming in with you or not, and so on. Another important decision is the baby feeding bottles you will choose to have your baby use.

There are many types of baby bottles in the market today; the traditional feeding bottles for babies are made of plastic and are quite inexpensive. However, there are also glass baby feeding bottles that are safer to use but much more pricey. You will also have to check on the types of teats that are appropriate for your baby's age. The teat or the nipple of the baby bottle feeding controls the amount of milk that your baby gets. While there are teats that only let in a small amount of milk into your baby's mouth, it is important for you to remember that it would still be more than what your baby gets from breastfeeding.

Feeding bottles have to be washed and sterilized a lot since your baby would need about 8 feedings in a day. Additionally, you might be raring to go back to work and would need extra bottles to store your own milk in for your baby when you are at work. This means that you need to have a load of feeding bottles at home that are sturdy and can last for a long time.

Plastic feeding bottles for babies are safe for use, regardless of bad publicity that made a lot of parents want to switch to glass bottles. There have been reports that some trace chemicals in the manufacturing of plastic feeding bottles could be harmful to your growing baby. However, FDA has already released a statement that this is not true. The only disadvantage of plastic feeding bottles would be that they should be changed as soon as the plastic is already blurred. This is not to say that it becomes less safe but only because you will have a hard time reading the demarcations for ounces.

Glass baby feeding bottles made a comeback right after the concerns on chemicals in plastic bottles surfaced. They are still a viable option though, if only to make you feel at ease with what you use to feed your baby. The only trouble is that because it is glass, it is much heavier and easier to break.