Best Beach Tents – 5 Things to Look For in a Great Beach Tent

The best beach tents can come from many different companies, since many companies put out excellent products. However, the very best options have similar characteristics that you’ll want to look for. Whether you’re looking for a tent for your baby or for the whole family to enjoy some shade at the beach or in the backyard, here’s what to check for before you buy.

1. Quality

The number one thing that sets the best beach tents apart from those that are only so-so is their quality. Look for shelters that use durable materials for both the supports and the fabrics. If you’re looking for a super-cheap tent that will only last for a couple of trips to the beach, this isn’t as important. However, if you really want to make an investment in a tent that will last for several summers, high quality construction and materials are paramount.

2. Ease of Assembly

The best tents are easy to assemble, no matter what the weather. Many lower-quality options are difficult to put together, especially if it’s windy outside. Tents that make their users particularly happy are ones that are simple to put together with just one or two people. A pop up beach tent is a good option here, since it can be easily erected in just seconds, but they will cost a little more. There are also plenty of easy-assembly options on the market that aren’t actually pop up tents.

3. Durability

A tent made of high-quality materials will obviously be more durable over time, but you also want to check for one that’s durable in all sorts of weather and wind. Make sure your beach shelter will stand up in the windy conditions that seem to be ever-present on beaches. For the most part, even the best beach tents need to be staked out, so the tent you buy should come with stakes specifically designed for sandy beach conditions to ensure that you can easily set it up and make it stable in the wind you’ll often find at the beach.

4. UV Protection

The best beach shelters offer more than just shade – they provide UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This protection often comes in the form of specially coated materials that are meant to block out UVA and UVB rays with the most effectiveness. UV protection is great in all beach tents, but it’s especially important for beach tents for babies and kids!

5. Extra Features

Some models are just simple tents, and they can be fine for a day at the beach, but the best tents for the beach will have extra features that make them more user-friendly. Look for cross-ventilation windows that can be closed for extra privacy, fold-down doors that can trap some of the sand outside of the beach tent, pockets to hold your odds and ends during the day at the beach, and integrated sand-bag-pockets to keep your shady retreat from blowing away in the wind.