Best Breast Pump Reviews

There are many different brands of breast  pumps  available online nowadays. Because of this wide selection it can be very difficult to choose the breast  pump  that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

When considering which breast  pump  to buy, consider the tips below and when looking at breast  pump  review sites remember to read the comments left by other users. Their insights and experiences can be invaluable.

* Ability – How effective is the  pump ? How well is it able to draw milk from the breast? As a general rule of thumb, the closer the  pump  speed ( pumps  per minute) and suction strength matches a nursing baby the better at expressing milk it will be.

* Double of Single  Pump ? – As the name suggests a single  pump  lets you  pump  one breast at a time. Double  pumps  allow you to express milk from both simultaneously. This helps to stimulate milk production and also shortens the time needed to  pump  as both breasts are  pumped  at the same time.

* Comfort – The ability to adjust the  pump’s  cycle speed ( pumps  per minute) and vacuum strength is essential to achieving an acceptable level of comfort while expressing.

* Noise – Some  pump  motors can be noisy. Consider this if you’re concerned about discretion.

* Durability – Are you going to use the  pump  occasionally or several times a day for months? Check the details so you get a durable one for extended use.

These simple considerations will help you choose the best breast  pump  for you.