Best Ceramic Flat Irons

Are you looking for the best ceramic flat irons?

Straightening your hair to get a smooth silky finish is all the rave these days. To determine which ceramic flat irons are best I decided to do some research and ask some friends about their experiences. Firstly your selection of a ceramic hair straightener versus the old metal types is a great idea. Ceramic plates tend to heat up faster and more evenly and are less damaging to your hair. The ceramic emits negative ions which helps preserve moisture and the natural oils plus it seals the hair cuticle and reduces static. I looked at some of the top selling ceramic straightening irons and here is a summary of their features plus the pros and cons to help you decide for yourself.

Farouk CHI Flat Hairstyling Iron
The Farouk Chi Ceramic Flat Iron is the probably the top selling ceramic flat iron these days. It heats up in seconds and stays hot – temperature reaches up to 410 Degrees. It has a long 10 foot swivel cord which makes it comfortable to style entire head. Also it is great for not just straightening but also flipping and curling your hair. Hair comes out shiny and smooth after one pass. The draw backs are first it has no temperature control and second many people have had problems with it breaking down within months. Even so I have friends who swear by it and say it it worth every penny and the shortcomings.

Ceramic Tools Professional Flat Iron
The Ceramic Tools Flat Iron and is very economical and provides very good results. It heats up fast and lasts hot evenly. Unlike the CHI this one comes with 25 different heat settings which go up to 446 degrees and it has on / off switch with an indicator light.I also like the soft grip handle. It has rounded edges which help hair glide easily and allow for curls or flips also.

Andis Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron
The Andis Flat Irons is probably the cheapest ceramic on the market. Although this one does heat up fast and has 20 different heat settings, it only goes up to 375 degrees which may not be enough for really thick hair. The temperature dial on this flat iron is not in degrees but on a scale of 0-20 which different than most. You will need to test to figure out what works for you. The clamp style holds hair tight and gives you more control when styling. Also I like the auto off feature.

Solia Ceramic Flat Iron
The Solia is also a very popular brand for straightening irons and they also claim you can use it on damp hair or dry hair. I do not recommend that kind of heat on wet hair but some people claim it works great and does not do any additional damage to your hair. The Solia does heat up fast and goes up to 450F. It keeps it temperature and the iron plates are smooth and do not snag hair. The handles are very comfortable and the extra long 9 foot cord is ideal.

All the above ceramic flat irons work very well. After you take into account some of different features and your budget I think you will be happy with whichever one you select. Hope this information helps you decide which ceramic flat iron is best for you.