Best Chest Workout – Exercises You Overlooked

If you think that you can develop the best chest just by going to the gym and pumping as much iron as you can within a week, then you’re dead wrong. What you need is not more weights and more time in the gym, what you really need are the best chest workouts that are available and find out what works for you.

Compound Workout

Hitting multiple muscles in one exercise are good. These exercises are called compound exercises. These would include a variety of bench presses, wide-grip dips, fly chest exercises, and even bench presses with the use of dumbbells.

It depends on your preference whether to perform exercises with dumbbells, barbells, or any other equipment in the gym, or just simply perform push-ups. However, keep in mind that you need to perform all these routine moderately in order to achieve a well-developed chest. I meant to say that a maximum of 10 repetitions is enough for a day’s routine. As you move on, gradually increase the weight of each set to improve your muscles.

Barbell Bench Press

By changing the degree of incline when doing bench presses, not only do you hit different aspects of your chest, but you can also increase the stress that your muscles are subjected to. The high incline barbell bench presses target your upper chest muscles, while doing low inclined bench presses hit your lower chest muscles. Flat bench presses basically hit both areas equally.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Injury to your shoulders is a common outcome in using barbells. With the use of a dumbbell for bench presses, not only will ensure you one of the best chest workouts, but it can also help you avoid injury from over exertion. This can also prevent you from developing one muscle group more from the other. However, if not prevented, this will probably result to what is called musculature imbalance.

Vigorous Push-ups

Performing natural push-up exercises using only your body weight is as effective as the exercises performed in the gym. Since push-ups can also hit different muscle groups in one time, you can also call it a form of compound exercise. The muscles that are mainly involved in push-ups are the pecs, the deltoids and the triceps.

You can actually change the muscles you are using when you decide to increase the degree of your exercises. There are also several forms of push-ups that you might not know of but have proven to work. You will boost your attention on your chest and deltoids once you increase the depth of your push-up exercises.

You can also achieve bigger and stronger muscles when doing tense push-up exercises. A common explosive push-up exercise is the clap push-up. Lifting your body off the floor while pushing yourself up defines an explosive push-up. By doing so, you increase your tone by stabilizing your chest muscles as you go up, and experience more stress as your body hits the ground.

To ensure that the best chest workouts will be exercises that will surely work out for you, you have to remember to keep your reps to the recommended 10, and to at rest between sets for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. When exercising, you should also always make sure that you have proper form. Through this, you can make certain of the full growth and improvement of your muscles.

All these types of chest exercises will come up with a good outcome if done in a proper way. You can always choose one from among the three and follow strictly the important tips, then you will have a good outcome.