Best Chigger Treatment For Houses and Yards

Chigger treatment for home and yards may not be a thing most folks give much thought to. But fact of the matter is, many homes and yards are have a chigger problem.

The sad fact is if a house is a dive for chiggers it is probably the occupants very own fault. Not to point fingers. But who lives there?

Maybe before we go to finding a chigger treatment for the house, we should find how chiggers got there in the first place. If the source is not uncovered it will do little good to find a treatment.

Chiggers find their way into the house primarily because someone or something invited them in. That would be you and/or your indoor/outdoor pet.

The last time you came in from the woods did you just come into the house and plunk down that nice comfy couch or the big easy chair? What were you worried about all the time you were out there? Chiggers. Right.

Chiggers get knocked off onto furniture and the carpet when outside travelers go indoors.

If there are house plants chiggers may migrate to them and set up camp in them.

Now there are chiggers on the easy chair, on the couch, on the bed, in the carpet and headed for the all of those lovely house plants.

The best chigger treatment for the home is:

#1. Dogs and cats stay out doors unless they have been decontaminated

#2. All clothing is removed in the bathroom immediately if not sooner

#3. All exposed clothing is immediately put into the washing machine to be washed in hot, soapy water

#4. Any furniture or carpeting exposed must be steam cleaned

#5. Any house plants must be moved outdoors for a minimum of three weeks

#7. House plants must be treated with an insect killer or sprayed with a combination of diluted dish soap and vegetable oil(4 tablespoons of dish soap and 4 teaspoons of vegetable oil per gallon of water)or diluted Safe Solutions, Inc. Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint(1 – 2 oz. per gallon of water).

Repeat every week for 3 weeks and before returning plants to house.

#6. All bedding must be laundered in hot soapy water if it has been exposed

The best chigger treatment for the yard.

Keep all grass mowed and the weeds and bushes or brush trimmed back from any pathways. All brush and leave piles must be disposed of.

To help keep chiggers at bay spray the use areas with an insect repellent or spray with the plant spray for three weeks the same as the house plants.

Chiggers may come


Chiggers may go

Chigger bites from hell

Chigger bites go on and on

Chigger treatment come fast

Chigger treatment relieve the itch

Chiggers will never die out