Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – The King of Natural Impotence Remedies

When we speak of natural erectile dysfunction treatments, what we are referring to are herbal medicines that have not been manipulated by humans to form a chemically based drug compound.

There are various types of these chemical based prescription drugs available for men suffering from impotence and erectile dysfunction and are available from your local Doctor/General Practitioner at prescription cost and sometimes available online without prescription for extortionate prices per pill.

Of course each of these drugs work great for 60 to 70 percent of men and are used correctly by professional Doctors and GP’s as bridge remedy until the root cause of the erectile dysfunction has been discovered and treated. They each carry a bundle of nasty side effects that inevitably take hold of the patient in some shape or form, hence them being a bridge treatment rather than a long-term healthy solution to ED.

These prescription drugs work by acting as a very strong PDE-5 inhibitor, they are used to block the degradative action of phosphodiesterase type 5 on cyclic GMP in the smooth muscle cells lining the blood vessels supplying the corpus cavernosum of the penis allowing for a strong erection.

Over the past decades however, there has been a vast number of trials and research on traditional natural remedies for erectile dysfunction and general sex drive (libido) deficiencies. The one natural remedy that has gained the most interest is the Epimedium plant species, commonly known as Horny Goat Weed extract in its commercial format. The Epimedium plant family contains within it a special active flavonoid known as ‘icariin’ of which has shown to be the most potent natural (non-enhanced) PDE-5 inhibitor discovered to date.

This natural PDE-5 inhibitor is not over-intensified as that of a prescription impotence drug, but instead it builds up in the body over time (weeks, months) gradually reviving and maintaining healthy blood flow to the body including the penis. Each Epimedium plant is extracted to a particular percentage of icariin content and the range normally varies from the less potent extracts at 10% icariin purity and reaches up to around 60% icariin purity, this being the most potent icariin extract available. The higher the icariin percentage the more effective the extract will be for its purpose of being a PDE-5 inhibitor and so it is quite often known for men who are perfectly fine (sexually speaking) to use a 10% icariin Epimedium extract for general sexual health and to maintain their current healthy sex life. The high purity icariin extracts I.e 50% to 60% are the favored purity of men who do actually suffer from blatant erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. These high purity extracts are unsurprisingly also used for increasing the endurance levels and stamina of performance athletes and endurance athletes, such as bodybuilders who wish to increase there natural nitric oxide levels to allow them to gain more stamina within their workouts.

So, to conclude on this amazing extract, icariin is at present the best natural erectile dysfunction treatment available and so is definitely the better option for those men who are either sick of the side effects of the prescription drugs or simply wish to try a natural alternative to Viagra before having to resort to such a measure. Not only is icariin a safer option to take (not been known to have any bad side effects) but it is also a longterm solution as icariin uniquely teaches the body to maintain it’s sexual health at its peak level, unlike Viagra which requires continuous dosing in order to be continually effective.

Below are some links to an official source of information in regards to icariin, which will show you exactly what to look out for when finding the correct purity and quality of icariin extract for you: