Best Exercise For Belly Fat

Bathing suit season is here. At this time many people are thinking "Did I keep myself in shape?", "Will I measure up on the beach?", "Should I get a one-piece this year?" They begin to wonder what the best exercise for belly fat is, and how quickly they can create that toned look.

The need for a one-piece bathing suit is not the only reason for concern when it comes to belly fat. Fat that collects around the waist has been linked to a host of problems like some types of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Other maladies including constipation, back pain and stress are noticeable treated with the loss of belly fat.

Once upon a time, the accepted wisdom concerning how to achieve a slender waist, or even the holy "six pack", was to perform sit-ups and crunches. Hundreds of them. While these exercises do work to tone and strengthen certain core muscles, those now sculpted muscles remain hidden under a layer of fat. One can not spot train a particular area of ​​the body. It is a myth that any diet or exercise can target one area of ​​the body and not affect the others. Fortunately, one does not need a gym full of equipment and an expensive trainer to whittle away at the waistline. The only requirements are good walking shoes and some motivation.

In order to reveal all the hard work put into the abs, one must combine the crunches with cardio exercise. This is the best exercise for belly fat. It is recommended that one exercise at least 5 days per week at a level that causes one to sweat, but still carry on a conversation with only a small amount of difficulty. A brisk walk for one hour several days a week should do it.

Another way to lose some girth is to modify the diet. Eating several small meals throughout the day, drinking sufficient quantities of water and choosing whole foods will help one lose weight. But without exercise, even a thin body looks flabby and cellulite-pocked.

Of course, some other options to consider are liposuction, fad diets and supplements. This list could go on. While some of these will give the quick fix they promise, none of these choices are effective for long-term weight loss because they do not alter habits. Once one's pattern of eating and exercise has changed, that is when the fat leaves forever.

In conclusion, the best exercise for body fat is a lifestyle change encompassing diet and exercise. They work as a team and yet is independent of the other. Even if one has to wear a one piece suit this year, the habits learned now will allow more belly-revealing suits in the long run.