Best Flooring For Bars


The floor around a bar usually ends up getting wet, having items dropped on it, high traffic from bar stool feet, and increased stain causing situations.

What all this means is that you are going to need a sturdy floor that can take all that abuse and still provide you with a nice looking, long lasting floor that you can enjoy for years to come.


The floor isn’t the only concern. Here is a few tid bits that could help adjust your thoughts before you install a floor in your bar.

  • do I have good lighting?
  • do I have good access away from mainstream action in my home or business?
  • is there good water exits and plumbing areas?
  • will the ambiance be set right for the area I am installing the bar?
  • will the traffic to the bar cause problems to surrounding conditions?


Porcelain or Marble tile is a material that will allow incredible abuse. It proves to be the best flooring for bars. It has high resistance to scratches. It will also entertain many different types of spills so you don’t result in a stain. Plus the durability compared to ceramic tile is much higher in the situation where a bowl or glass is dropped on the ground.

These materials will completely resist water without any kind of leaking through the cracks or movement in the floor like laminate or wood will give you.

Tile is also easy to install and with all the options you have to find the best flooring for bars at multiple online websites leaves you with tons of design options.

Anyone can find the right color or size they need to give their room or bar a energetic or laid back feel without having to go through a lot of trouble.

You won’t be subject to just woods or laminates that all generally look the same. Tile will allow you to get more artistic and creative with your bar so that it won’t be the same as every else’s on the block. This will definitely help in terms of branding.

So to finalize the best flooring for bars is easily said PORCELAIN or MARBLE tile. Be sure to get a good sealer and grout to finish your install. You will also want to find a good adhesive that way you won’t have shifty tiles that could deny you of a solid set floor.