Best Florida Wedding Venues – An Event Of The Ages At The Powel Crosby Estate

The Powel Crosby Estate was originally designed and structured, in honor of Mrs. Gwendolyn Crosby, in 1929, by her loving husband. Today with over 11,000 square feet, and 21 rooms, this magnificent mansion houses a variety of weddings and events in the Sarasota Bay area. Couples who choose this venue as their wedding location, get the opportunity to experience all the beauties this 60-acre property has to offer. Located along the waters edge, this historical landmark can truly house the wedding of your dreams.

The estate offers couples the privacy, as well as the scenery they desire. Known for its high-class status and appearance, the Crosby Mansion will unduly leave your guests in awe. Furthermore, the properties unique facade will surely add extra personality to any set of wedding photos. Be along the ocean line or within the mansions corridors you will certainly be smiling with excitement and enthusiasm.

Within the mansion, couples can discover a series of vintage and timeless settings. Each room of this two-story home offers a distinct and memorable personality. When speaking in terms of wedding portraits, couples can be confident that each image will be as interesting and distinctive as their own relationship. Furthermore, the staff allows the usage of these rooms for the arrangement of your wedding, like preparation of the bride. While most couples prefer to have the ceremony within the open, flower encircled, patio the mansion does offer traditional ballroom styled spaces for smaller groups. However, once the vows have been said, and the rings have been replaced, be sure to move your party indoors for a romantic and exciting reception.

If you fall in love with the outdoor scenery, that the Powel Crosby Estate has to offer, you can easily set up a beautiful moonlit soiree near the patio. As the sun begins to set, string lights will brighten up the dance floor, depicting a magnificently magical ceremony. Just do not forget to get your photography along the coastline finished, before the sun has disappeared along the west coast waters.

Couples can feel hopeful when arranging their wedding at the Powel Crosby Estate in Sarasota. Upon visiting this awe-inspiring mansion you and your spouse will come to the realization of why this location has, in the past, been the home of so many beautiful ceremonies.