Best Golf Tip Ever!

The "best tip ever". Wow, that sounds like something does not it? Better than the tip about not looking up until you hear the ball fall into the hole on short putts? Could it be that good? (I always thought that to be the dumbest tip myself. If you do miss, you have no more information on the next putt than you had on the one you just missed because you were not watching! How dumb is that?

Anyway, back to the best tip ever …

Just send $ 19.95 and I'll send you my cd .. just kidding! Here it is:

This move involves dropping the right elbow into your right side as your first move on the downswing. You want to bring your right elbow into your side so that you can actually feel it lightly touch your shirt. What this does is keep you on the inside path to the ball, preserves your wrist cock, and eliminates that over the top move that been causing all those banana balls and cursing fits you've been having all these years.

What you are doing is dropping into the infamous "slot". Watch the pro's swing. They almost seem to "drop" a hair as they transition from the back swing to the downswing. The legs squat just a bit, and their is a slight pause as the club changes direction. At that pause is when you think "bring that elbow down as I start the downswing. Down, NOT OUT!

Most of us "fire from the top" in an effort to clobber the ball. It seems like the more powerful move, but it absolutely is not. Problem with this move is that it immediately starts un cocking your wrists, while throwing your arms away from your body. The result is an over the top, outside in swing, with most of the power spent long before you get to the ball. By keeping your elbow tucked into your right side, you automatically swing from the correct inside to inside path, and you'll maintain most of your wrist cock until the last minute. As Emerald would say, "BAMM!"

Take your time on the downswing. Swing hard !, but let it progress. You're first move should be a little drop motion as your right elbow pulls down into your right side. Now that you're in "the slot", get ready to let her ride! Release the hands hard at impact and feel the resulting power. If you've never hit a shot from "the slot" before, you're in for a treat, and a good 20 or more yards off the tee.

Not a bad tip huh?