Best Natural Bodybuilding Workouts Around For Your Body Type

If you are looking for the best natural bodybuilding workouts around I will sort you out. There are many to choose from and each of them have their own use. I will show you where to get lots of them for free at the end of the article, as my way of saying thanks for reading this article.

The biggest problem the natural trainee faces is progression. In order to get bigger and stronger you have to lift more weight every week. This is called a progressive overload.

To many people keep lifting the same weights and style every week, I urge you not to do this. All you are doing here, is maintaining your current size and strength levels.

Therefore every week you have to be forcing your body to be lifting more weight on the bar. Or doing more reps and volume with the same weight.

This appears simply enough on paper, but put that into practice, in the real world and things start to fall apart. This is what I mean earlier when I said that, the biggest problem natural trainees face is progression.

There comes a time when lifting more weight and doing more reps becomes impossible. Or you might be making that slow of progress, it is hardly worth your while. This is usually called a muscle building plateau.

Usually when these muscle building plateaus occur, the natural trainee is told to change their bodybuilding workout routines. This seems like good advice, but I urge you to be even smarter than this.

Randomly changing your natural bodybuilding workout because your progress has stalled can keep you spinning on your wheels. This is where choosing the best natural bodybuilding workouts around, comes into play.

Best Natural Bodybuilding Workouts Around

I am going to give you the two best natural bodybuilding workouts around, which are almost guaranteed (if done correctly) to put mass amounts of muscle onto your frame.

The first one is called volume training, which as the name suggests is where you do lots of volume on your muscles. This is probably the most popular form of bodybuilding workouts and is what all the top pro-bodybuilders use. (I will show you where to get volume workouts at the end of the article).

The problem the natural trainee has with this style of workout is progression (yes that word again). You can not just keep doing more volume every week, because where do you draw the line to stop? When your workouts are lasting 3 hours?

Of course the simple answer is to add more weight every week as a way of doing more work. This can work, but you will hit a plateau pretty quickly with this method.

This is where the second best natural bodybuilding workouts around, comes into play. Which is called strength training. Many people associate strength training with power-lifters and strongmen. You may not really care about getting very strong, you may just want big guns. That is fine if this is the case, but strength training will get you bigger muscles!

The biggest problem with strength training is that there is usually not enough volume of work, to make your muscles grow. Therefore the best way for the natural trainee to make constant muscle building gains, is to mix volume and strength training workouts.

Each of the two workouts supplement each other brilliantly. The volume adds size, the strength makes you stronger and lets your lift more weight for volume, so getting more size. And so on.

This is why these two workouts are known as the best natural bodybuilding workouts around.

How you alternate these two styles is up to you and your body type, as you are unique with your own needs and genetics. Some people react well to longer phases of volume training, alternated with shorter periods of strength training.

A good rule of thumb is to try volume training for 2 weeks, then do 2 weeks of strength training. Once you do that you can start experimenting with different phases.