Best Pick Up Lines to Make Her Feel Special!

If you found yourself at loss for words whenever you tried to approach a beautiful girl just because you cannot come up the right words, you are not the only one. There have been countless men who have lost out on the right woman and a torrid night of sexual passion just because they could not get the best pick up lines to grab their fantasy girl’s attention.

“Hey am I dreaming? You cannot be real”: — If you want to impress the right woman, then this best pick up line will definitely ensure her that she’s the most beautiful looking woman you have ever laid eyes on. What could be more flattering for a woman! Shower her with a few more praises and watch her squirm with delight. Although this is a subtle praise, you need to be sure that you don’t over exaggerate your appreciation.

“There are a lot to say… but it’s your eyes which are not letting me to say one bit”: — This is one of the top ten best pick up lines from years ago. The girl you are trying to impress will surely love it completely! She will not only feel special, but she will fee wanted, and that is what your underlying intention is. You will have an excellent date, and if you play your cards right, you will have an excellent night ahead.

“O my God you are so adorable when you blush”:— This is not only the best pick up line but is also the cutest as well. Tell her this and she will fall blindly for you. She might even smile more for you. When you find that she is comfortable around you, gently pinch her cheeks the next time she smiles. She will know for sure that you were not lying.

“Are you the angel? Am I in heaven?” – There is nothing better than to call a hot girl an angel. One of the best pick up lines, you can be assured that she will stop whatever she is doing and give you her complete undivided attention. This line will pamper her beauty and she will not only feel good, but sexy enough to give you a heavenly experience.