Best Sex Positions For Couples Looking For the G-Spot

Are you interested in the best sex positions for couples? More specifically those focusing on the g-spot? If for some strange reason you have never heard of the g-spot, the g-spot is a term used to describe the area of a women’s vagina that when stimulated properly can lead to very powerful orgasms.

If you are looking for some new and best sex positions for couples to try then I would highly suggest positions that can lead to g-spot orgasms. Watching and experiencing your lady have g-spot orgasms is highly arousing for men as well.

Three of the best sex positions for couples that you can try for g-spot stimulation are the cowgirl, accordion and the ever faithful doggy style.

  • Cowgirl Position: This is becoming one of the best sex positions for couples and has the women on top of the man, kneeling and leaning forward towards him. The man, while on his back, should try and tilt his pelvis forward as much as possible. The tilting of the pelvis, along with her being on top, allows for the proper angle to help stimulate her g-spot. To changes this position slightly have her brace herself with her feet instead of her knees. This is also known as the Aggressive Cowgirl
  • Accordion Position: This is one of the relatively unknown best sex position for couples that also has the women on top. The man is sitting semi cross legged and the women then sits on the man’s penis while facing away from him. The women then leans forward with her hands touching the ground and then makes a back and forth motion. The women is now able to control the angle and degree of penetration allowing for excellent g-spot stimulation. Making this one of the best sex positions for couples looking for g-spot pleasure.
  • Doggy Style: This position is very common and is by far one of the best sex positions for couples. What most do not know is that the position is great for stimulating the g-spot. With the women crouching on all fours, legs slightly apart, the man enters from behind. This position stimulates the g-spot while also allowing for deeper penetration if desired

If g-spot stimulation is what you and your partner would like to explore than I highly recommend trying all three of these best sex positions for couples. Experiment and communicate with each other and before you know it these will be a part of your repertoire.