Best Sexual Position for Spontaneous Sexual Encounters

In the best sexual positions series we have discussed the best sexual positions for most situations that can arise.

One special situation is for spontaneous sex, and this is something that is totally unpredictable, and thus, knowing the best sexual position in advance can make the magic of a spontaneous sexual encounter last in your memory forever.

Spontaneous Sexual Encounters

Often portrayed in films and written about in books, the spontaneous sexual encounter is more or less another name for the Americanized word, ‘quickie’.

This will be sex in the office, or out of doors, in an elevator, or even an airplane.

The quickie will give you from 1 to 5 minutes maximum, and often there will be a space problem. The other problem is clothing, and for the spontaneous encounter, you will need to keep as much of your clothing on as possible, as in spontaneous sexual encounters, there is always the risk of being “caught in the act”.

The Best Sexual Position for Spontaneous Sexual Encounters

The very best is called the standing spoons. Assuming the encounter begins by kissing, once the couple have passed the moment of decision (to or not to), then the man must turn the woman around so she has to back to the man.

The clothes on the upper part of the body are not required to be removed (regardless of how it is done in films), and concentrate on getting the lower clothes to the knees at least or better the ankles. The man then embraces the woman with one arm, and uses the other to position himself.

The woman does the same. One arm is used to hold the man, usually around his neck, but holding her arm back over her own head, and the other is used to facilitate penetration.

Both the man and woman bend their knees slightly, and come together very closely, like two spoons resting together. As penetration is made the couple move in unison with push and recoil.

This is the action, and as entry was made from the rear, both the g-spot and the clitoris are stimulated.

It is very much like a dance, and indeed the movements from new club dancing should be used if the couple understands how to do it.

The very term spontaneous often means that there is not enough time to prepare for all eventualities.

That means, that use of a condom may not be possible.

Therefore, while enjoying the spontaneity of the event, the man and woman must think where the man is going to finish. If inside the woman, then there is no problem, if outside (a term known as coitus interruptus ) the man should terminate in his own free hand, as not to cause a mess.

Remember time is of the essence here, and a quick dressing after the session will not be possible if the man is careless about where he deposits his sperm.

Finishing Up

There are other sexual positions possible for spontaneous sexual encounters, but the standing spoons is by far the best from the standpoint of mutual satisfaction, speed to penetrate, react and completion, and should it be interrupted or discovered, it is the fastest position to recover one’s equipoise.