Best Tips to Sterilize Your Laundry

Washing your laundry with detergent will be effective to remove dirt and stains, but it is never enough to remove fungus, viruses and bacteria in your laundry items. People sometimes trust any detergents that claimed to have anti-bacteria agent. Actually, those detergents only remove small percents of bacteria and fungus. The best way to eliminate all of those contaminants from your dirty cloth is using bleach and hot water. They may seem a trivial thing, but they do much better than any detergents with anti-bacteria in removing those contaminants away from your laundry.

How to sterilize your laundry with bleach? It is simple. What you need to do is preparing a bucket, hot water, and bleach. First, you can fill your bucket with hot water and add bleach. The best composition will be one part of bleach for five parts of water. Then, soak your laundry in the mixture for about twenty minutes. After twenty minutes passed by, you can drain the water and rinse the laundry in cold water. It is simple, right?

Even, you can also use only hot water to make your laundry more sterilized. For this certain sterilization, you need to prepare your largest kitchen pot and your stove. Similar with bleach sterilization, the main principle used in this certain process is soaking your laundry into hot water. Then what makes it different?

The steps will be very different that might remind you about the steps of boiling something when you are cooking. First, you can fill your kitchen pot with water and boil it up. Set your stove to be on the highest temperature setting. After the water is boiled, you can add your laundry to the pot and soak it for about 10 minutes.

It is really simple, right? By doing these sterilization types, you will not worry about the sterility of your laundry. Your clothes will be free of any dangerous germs and bacteria so you can easily prevent any risks of illness.