Best Types of Charnwood Stoves

Charnwood stoves are a great way to keep your home warm while still maintaining the aesthetics and outlook of your home. They are not only contemporary stoves that suit the overall décor of any house but also easy to use and offer a wide option for fuel utilization. Equally there is a wide variety of these stoves in the market, each offering different features in its application and utilization.

One of the most efficient of these varieties of stoves is the multi-fuel stove due to its ability to burn wood, coal and other types of solid fuel. This type of stoves ensures that you enjoy the warmth of a log fire burning slowly or the long-burning heat from coal. This is essentially two stoves in one as it allows you to burn these types of fuels in the different compartments offered depending on the availability of the fuel. The multi-fuel stove also has an efficient fuel burning capacity that ensures safety in its usage.

The multi-fuel boiler stove is also one of the great Charnwood stoves option to have for your home. An interesting feature of this one is that it not only warms the home but goes ahead to warm up the home's hot water system by powering 4 radiators that are connected to the water system. This stove is installed with a boiler that is bale to heat up water at a capacity of 7kW as well as heat the room at 2.5 kW. It is designed to allow the use of coal and smokeless fuel. It has manual air controls installed as well as pre-heated air combustion systems that make it safe to use. This is a very efficient stove as it saves on your heating utility costs in the long term. The purchasing fees as well as the maintenance cost are also reliably low.