Best Used Metal Detectors

I often get asked which used metal detectors are the best. With any used electronic equipment, the quality depends upon the quality standards of the manufacturer and the treatment while the equipment was being used. In general, the best used metal detectors are those manufactured by the major, quality metal detector makers of past and present.

You usually do not go wrong by buying the following brands:

A.H. Electronics


Bounty Hunter

C&G Technology








Gold Mountain

Ground Hawk

JW Fisher





RaeLar Turtle

Sears (Made by White’s)



Treasure Hunter

Treasure Ray



White’s Electronics


If you find a used metal detector that is of a brand not listed above, more than likely it is not worth buying.

One indicator of the quality of a used detector is its construction. If it looks cheap or like a toy, it probably is. Now, if you’re looking for a kids metal detector for your child then one of those might be okay for you.

Before buying used metal detectors at a garage sale, yard sale, flea market or the like, try it out and at least make sure it at least powers on. Many times the seller will have batteries already in them or have batteries handy. If not, ask what type of batteries the detector uses, go buy some and return to the sale to install them. Always try to get a return guarantee of at least a few days, so you can return the detector for a refund if it doesn’t work properly. This especially goes for buying them online at auction sites and classified ads.

The majority of used metal detectors that do not turn on or work at all have battery wires that have corroded and broken off the terminals. People tend to store their metal detectors with the batteries installed. Over time the cells leak and the acid corrodes the terminals and wires. If you are handy with a   soldering   iron , you can often get real bargains that can be fixed to operate like new.