Best Way To Clean Carpet

Regular vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean carpet and to keep it as new for a longer period of time. However, professional cleaning is required at least every year to prolong it’s life and to remove those tough oily stains which vacuuming alone cannot remove. It is important to clean your floor covering regularly to protect its beauty and to prolong its life. However, it is vital to employ the correct procedures and appropriate cleaning method that suits your carpet type and is the best way to clean carpet to avoid any damage to the individual fibers.

Cleaners all over the world recommend hot water extraction method as the best way to clean carpet. Cleaning solution along with very hot water is sprayed on the carpet with full force. This releases even the toughest stains stuck in the padding. Immediately a powerful vacuum sucks up the solution and the dirt, leaving the carpet only damp to touch.

You can also steam clean yourself by renting or purchasing steam cleaning machine. However this often results in a lot of problem. Such as:

  • Doing yourself can cause over wetting which may cause molds underneath the carpet padding and the carpet backing may separate.
  • Secondly, most of the home based detergents tend to leave a residue behind which re-attracts dirt faster.

A fiber protector is a must after you or the professional has cleaned your carpet. They don’t remove the stains but helps in removing them easily when there’s a stain or spill on your carpet, ultimately prolonging your carpet’s life.

Engine degreaser such as Castrol Super Clean is also an answer to cleaning heavily soiled carpets. If you plan to steam clean yourself, rent an industrial steam cleaner and add some degreaser along with water in the hopper. Try cleaning the hidden areas first to get the right amount of degreaser especially if it’s a colored carpet. Too much may leave a residue behind, where as too little will result in over diluted solution. If residue is left behind, you may apply vinegar in your last cleaning cycle. When cleaning dark colored carpets, it is advisable to apply the solution on an inconspicuous area first before cleaning the entire carpet so as to avoid discoloration.

Hence, steam cleaning is considered the best way to clean carpet. It not only effectively removes all the pet hair, germs and dirt embedded from everyday life but also revives your carpet’s look. A clean floor covering improves air quality and creates a hygienic environment. Frequent deep cleaning not only maintains a carpet’s colors and beauty but also prolongs its life.